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Festival Survival Guide

Festival enjoyment is an art form. To have the best possible experience, it's essential that you check out these festival survival guides, compiled mostly by people who have experienced the problems that you can hopefully avoid!

Glastonbury 1998
The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide, 23 Feb 2006
Whether it be mastering the mosh-pit, tackling touts, keeping yourself mud-free, or just arriving at a festival fully prepared, our survival guide series will help keep you one step ahead this summer...
queues @ download
Don't get ripped off by ticket touts!, 29 Jan 2004
Eager festivals goers are already getting suckered into paying hundreds of pounds for non-existant this article as a warning note on how to avoid this sort of money-swindling madness...
Goldie Lookin' Chain vs VF @ Glasto 2004
Don't Be A Mug! Survive Booze, 28 Jun 2005
Few go through a festival without getting inebriated on something, but to help avoid those hangovers, hallucinations, comedowns and comas read this sensible guide and see if you remember it after a few...
Saturday scenes @ Guilfest 2004
Don't Be A Mug! Survive Drugs, 22 Feb 2005
Few go through a festival without getting inebriated on something, but to help avoid those hangovers, hallucinations, comedowns and comas read this sensible guide and see if you remember it after a few...

Help Crack Crime
While the majority of people at festivals will embrace you with open arms and a warm embrace, a tiny minority will want to rip you off (and we're not talking ticket agents here). So how to stay safe and secure?

Survive the winter..., 20 Oct 2005
The hippies have moved home, Alabama 3 are back in rehab, and Glasto's cows are on a world cruise - it can only be winter. So how to count down the days until another summer of festivals?

Help find festival stars of the future, 23 Jan 2006
With MySpace becoming increasingly cluttered with gospel choirs and bluegrass combos, a new website,, has just been set up to provide an alternative online music community.

Your festival stars predicted for 2006, 29 Dec 2005
Impatient for the official announcements, we consulted the stars, via our resident astrologer Mystic Mick, to find out what the coming festival year has in store. If you believe in this sort of thing, prepare to be very excited. We certainly are!

Hammer your hangover this winter, 02 Dec 2005
The season of festive fun, excessive drinking, and arse-photocopying office parties has officially begun. There's nothing you can do to banish the shame, but you can take steps to sort out that hangover...

How to Survive Rock Festivals!, 08 Aug 2005
With this summer shaping up to be the loudest of all time, with more rock and metal on than ever before, Virtual Festivals have teamed up with Nokia to tell you all you need to know, to crank your enjoyment up to 11!

Don't fall over! Survive Dance Festivals, 19 Jul 2005
Seems easy, eh? Turn up, boogie all day and night, go home, and get up for church the next day. But no, many a casualty has been spawned through lack of adherence to the dance festival code...

Revealed: The Glasto welly rush!!, 01 Jul 2005
A scene reminiscent of aid packages being delivered to a war-torn region, welly distribution at Glastonbury caused a near riot as thousands clamoured to snap up a pair to save their sodden feet!

Plan your Glasto now with 'Clashfinder'!, 17 Jun 2005
Doves or Bloc Party? The Zutons or The Others? Chas & Dave or Kangaroo Moon? So many clashes so little time - get one step ahead of the Glasto game and plan now with Clashfinder!

Stay clean and mind the ming!, 02 Jun 2005
Festivals (or ‘fester’-vals) can be dirtier than Christina Aguilera’s armpits if you’re not careful. From mud to ming and bogs to bacon sarnies there are a number of pitfalls. Avoid them with this handy guide…

Samaritans at the Festivals
As great as they are, festivals can be an over-whelming place so it's always good to know that help is at hand when you need it.

Festival first timers' guide, 09 May 2005
If the term 'music festival' sounds about as foreign as the phrase 'le sage est dans l'arbre', this guide will stop you monkeying about in the dark, getting out of your tree, and falling flat on your face.

Do you have GLASTric flu?, 04 Apr 2005
The dictionary definition of ‘glastric flu’ is ‘searing stomach pain and infection caused by failure to acquire Glastonbury Festival ticket’. Thank the lord for the doctors at VF then.

Glastonbury 2005 is go!, 20 Jan 2005
Stop the nail biting, release that sigh of relief, you WILL survive the summer, because this year's Glastonbury Festival is happening. See the how, the why, the reaction, and the truth about 2006.

Festival Survival Guide for GIRLS, 09 Jul 2002
Yes, very good - you've got your ticket and if you're really organised, your travel's sorted too. But how much thought have you given to packing, your hair, your face, your daily hygiene and the zen of festival toilets, eh?

How to propose at Festivals - one man's story!, 02 Jul 2004
Many have chosen the festival field to get down on one knee, including DJ Rob Da Bank. But what happens when it doesn't quite go to plan?


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