T In The Park 2011: a ticket-buying guide

Give yourself the best chance of getting passes

Photographer:Shirlaine Forrest

Neil Outram - 24 February 2011

Squeezing at least five massive headliners (count them: Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Pulp) plus a raft of quality acts in support – Chris Eustace blogged about how good it is here – the usual scrum for T In The Park tickets will be even more hectic when they go on sale Friday.

But before you go all queasy thinking you might not manage to get yours, we’ve created a quick guide to make sure you have the best chance of success.

Step 1: Have your links ready
You wouldn’t drive to Scotland without putting petrol in your car would you? So it’s best to be prepared. Know what you want to buy and save the following links in your browser. Have them up in advance of the tickets going on sale, so you can simply refresh if you don’t get through straight away.

Weekend (Thurs-Sun) camping tickets.
Weekend (Fri-Sun) camping tickets.
Weekend ticket (Fri-Sun) no camping tickets.
Saturday-only ticket.
Sunday-only ticket.
Saturday and Sunday combined tickets (no camping).

There will also be a limited number of passes available through HMV.com and NME.com.

Step 2: Register with Ticketmaster
Ticketmaster is the primary official outlet, so get registered. Already got an account? Perfect! But if you haven’t, register before 9am on Friday so you don’t have to waste precious time filling out your information before making a purchase. Make sure you’re signed in before 9am.
Step 3: Use the Internet
If you call, you’ll almost certainly get a busy tone. Opt for the (relatively) efficient machines and go online. By all means, if you’re with a mate who can hit re-dial again and again while you refresh the web, get them ringing 0844 844 0444 to try to buy tickets. (it’s +44(0)161 385 3211 if you’re calling from abroad).

Tickets are also on sale in person at Tickets Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh), Ripping Records (Edinburgh) and Grouchos (Dundee) if you live in Scotland, but the majority will go online.
Step 3: Make sure you have the right time
Sounds simple, but a minute out could mean the difference between getting your tickets and a keyboard soaked with your tears. You could go about it in a number of ways: check it online or synchronise old school style with Teletext. If you have a Windows computer, you could use a program called Atomic Time Sync, which, as the name suggests, syncs your computer with the Atomic clock.
Step 4: Enlist the help of others
It probably goes without saying that if you’re aiming to go in a group, have everyone try to buy tickets. If you’re going alone or it’s just a couple of you, you could ask a friend, family member or co-worker to try buying tickets, too.
Step 5: Have the page open and be ready to hit refresh at 9am
What it says on the tin. Make sure you’re ready and waiting on the event page for the sale to start, then hit refresh at 9am and get buying!

Good luck!


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