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Gypsy and the Cat: "I'd have a really hot girlfriend to spend the night with..."

by Daniel Lomas | 30 December 2010

Xavier Bacash is one half the sugar sweet indie-pop group who signed to RCA in the UK and subsequently moved his life to East London. As we speak to him, he is currently packing in preparation for a nationwide tour of Australia. He does a lot of moving around: “I live between London and Australia” he tells us. 

“It made sense to move to London when we signed to RCA and it's a great place for new artists...”

Ahead of their tour however, he'll be spending New Year's very much at home, “I'm going to be at my Dad's farm with friends and family... riding kangaroos,” he jokes. “We have a late show the night before so I'll be sleeping all day but it should be a good night.”

It all sounds a bit low-key (boring) so we ask Xavier to dream up his ultimate money’s-no-object New Years Eve bash. “I'd have a really hot girlfriend to spend the night with...” he starts, “it'd be at a big farm with all my best friends there, an amazing firework display and a huge selection of meats. Oh and I'd have a water-bed to share with the really hot girl.”

That's a little better, but who would provide the musical entertainment at this sensual, ham-packed farm soirée? “Red Hot Chili Peppers, Daft Punk and Justice...” Xavier tells us excitedly, as if it's really happening. We hope his actual New Year's won't pale too much in comparison.

Xavier has long been involved in the music scene down under, but perhaps surprisingly it was in the Aussie club circuit that he met band-mate, the audaciously named Lionel Towers, who he would go on to make dreamy summer time pop music with.

“I used to DJ in clubs when I was young, like nineteen. That's how I met Lionel.”

We were into the same music and started the band together... we were going about a year and a half before we were signed.”

Gypsy and the Cat
are a band that clearly have an appreciation for the craft of song writing with strong melodies and arrangements that are reminiscent of bands like Fleetwood Mac. However they remain conscious of more contemporary sounds, adding electronic texture to their tunes, drawing comparisons to Empire Of The Sun. That is perhaps where their experience in the club circuit becomes apparent.

The band released their début album 'Gilgamesh' in October this year, but despite having a well-established sound and making a name for themselves, they have not had much live experience.

“We only started playing live in July,” said Xavier, “…we haven't played many festivals – only in Australia. We came too late for the European ones last year, so we missed out.”

The bands upbeat, sunshine sound would lend perfectly to almost any of the major UK and European festivals this time round, but as yet nothing has been confirmed.

“We are playing some festivals in the US, we haven't got any booked for the UK... but we are hoping to.”

Fans will hope that festival organisers in this corner of the globe catch onto Gypsy and the cat and that the band's phone will start ringing with long distance calls - or local depending where they're living at the time.

“We're playing Big Day Out which is one of the biggest Australian festivals,” he continued, “We'd love to play Glastonbury. That's probably the festival every band wants to play, especially as it won't be on for a couple of years.”

Xavier remains level-headed about his bands short terms and is quite modest. However, 2011 looks promising for them and perhaps building a reputation and gaining live experience during the end-of-year summertime 'back home' will prepare them in time to hijack our own summer - should festival chiefs catch on before it's too late again.

In the meantime, check out the all travellin', winter dodging Gypsy and the cat's début album 'Gilgamesh' out now on RCA.

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