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Chase And Status: 'What do we want for Christmas? Er, some rest...'

by Anna Hyams, stephanie davis | 21 December 2010

When it comes to the hardest working bands of the year, Chase and Status are right up there. They've practically played every festival going and gigged in every UK town they could find. ‘Let You Go’, a single taster from their second album, soared high in the charts and it’s that LP they’re perfecting in the studio at the moment for its unveiling in 2011.

With all that in bag, what could the duo possibly want for Christmas? “Er, some rest,” says Saul “Chase” Milton when we grab five minutes with him on the phone. Good, that’s the gift out of the way and it isn’t going to cost VF a penny. But what does a Chase and Status Christmas entail? It has to be plenty of tinsel, mulled wine and a huge roast right? “Um, right now, Christmas is being celebrated by doing press, DJing and promoting stuff, so no rest for the wicked.”

It doesn’t sound that traditional but if the pair want to stay at the top of their game, tradition probably went out of the window with the tree. Saul insists that there will be some time for relaxation, though. “Christmas day is going be [spent] with my family and my nephews having a bit of a relax, maybe with the phone turned off.”

But that seems to be all the time they’ll get off with a gig on Boxing Day in Coventry and a DJ date in New Zealand on New Years Eve pencilled in already. “Will ["Status" Kennard] has got four gigs over here, and I’m going to be in Australia working,” confirms Saul.

If Christmas isn’t going to be Bing Crosby and mistletoe, then surely Chase and Status know how to have a decent New Year’s Eve? “The favourite one for me really is a house party, rather than going to a rave, which I’ve done a lot,” says Saul, “It’s nice going to an actual house with all your friends. Depends on what you’re after though I guess”.

Rather a lot of people will be after a banging set of genre-bending anthems, the sort of tracks that filled their first full album ‘More Than Alot’ back in 2008. Where will the boys be taking Chase and Status next for follow-up ‘No More Idols’? “Well the new album is basically an extension of where we were with the last one, bigger songs, bigger songwriting, improved production, and I think a higher level generally of everything on there,” Saul tells us. “It’s really showing where we’re at now in our music and a kaleidoscope.”

There are collaborations with Dizzee Rascal, Liam Bailey and Mali already in the bag as well as morbidly obsessed indie lads White Lies. But do they have a favourite track on the album? “Ah, it’s impossible to say, I can’t answer that! I think ‘Blind Faith’ will do well when it comes out on the 24th [of January] and I love the fact that we did something with the White Lies, as we’re massive fans and it was an unexpected collaboration and something we’re really passionate about”.

The rock link runs a little thicker than first thought as well with Saul cherry-picking an indie idol for this ultimate collaboration. “If I have to go with one name, I’m going to pick Ian Curtis from Joy Division,” he says. “He’s a real inspiration to me and he left this world very early, and him and his band [Joy Division] really changed the face of music in England, well the UK, so, Ian Curtis.”

Chase and Status may not have quite done that as well, but they’ve certainly given drum n bass a little kick up the arse and that’s no bad thing. So if you haven’t seen them live yet, get yourself a Christmas present – some tickets to one of their shows. “There will be a load of festivals [in 2011] but maybe not as much as those just gone, yeah we’ll be about, we’re touring a lot and DJing every week,” insists Saul. So you’ve got no excuse not to catch them then.

‘No More Idols’ is set for release on the 24 January 2011.

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