TiŽsto @ Victoria Park 2010: Rated!

Victoria Park, East London - 30 July

TiŽsto @ Victoria Park 2010: Rated!

Photographer: Daniel Rose-WeirLeanne Kelsall on 03 August 2010

Overall - 8/10
Tiësto muscles in on the trend of new festivals taking place at Victoria Park in London with his very own show. Attendees are left wondering where this mighty event has been brewing for the last few years because the global club scene has been missing out, until now. The park is turned into a colossal gathering for Tiësto fans with eye catching visuals, strobe lighting and fire shows to add to the atmosphere. There are no strangers at Victoria Park this July, you’re with 24,999 super friendly people, all here to celebrate. In every direction there are excited faces, ticket holders are drawing on each other with neon paint, chanting and jeering, eagerly awaiting a performance from a legend.

That’s not all, Tiësto has bought along some very special guests, how about a bit of The Japanese Popstars to kick start the afternoon? Worldwide dance magazine Mixmag has its own tent featuring performances from Eddie Halliwell, South Central, Tom Staar and more. Check out the House Rules tent where you’ll find Cream’s Gareth Wynn and a handful of others. There’s even a small Future Disco tent, bringing disco into the 21st century.

Despite some sound difficulties and a 10:45pm curfew that the locals are thankful of, the event runs without any hiccups.

Getting There and Back - 8/10
Endure the sweltering summer heat during two tube changes from Euston and you end up at Mile End station, about a 30 minute train journey in total. From the tube it’s a ten-minute walk to the venue which isn’t taxing at all. Finding the park is easy when there are crowds to follow and you’re welcomed by a thumping bass line. With tubes running until the early hours, there’s no need to leave before the end and there’s still plenty of time for a night out in London. Unfortunately driving isn’t an option as there’s no parking, but parking and London don’t bode well together on any day of the year.

The Site - 8/10
The vast array of commodities is something the royals would be proud of, especially when you consider that the event lasts only several hours. You might fancy yourself as a royal, however, if you’re going to fork out £4 for a pint but the bar staff have to make a living somehow and you won’t wait longer than a few minutes for a drink. There’s food to suit all tastes such as noodles, pizza, vegetarian options and even sushi. Avoid the merchandise stand, however, you will queue for up to an hour before being served, some more staff is required here. VIP ticket holders have access to exclusive clean toilets, two more bar areas and a small food stand, however the loss of last year’s golden circle is a disappointment for those who have paid extra for a VIP ticket. The past few weeks of festivals at Victoria Park has taken its toll on the grass, which is now a dusty matter, so pack an old blanket to avoid ruining your clothes.

Atmosphere - 9/10
An array of ticket holders all ages and ethnicities quickly flood the park as the gates open. An enthusiastic, friendly vibe runs throughout the event with the endurance of a world class athlete. Tiësto merchandise braces the bodies of thousands here; the DJ has an extensive and loyal fan base. Throughout the day men chase each other around whilst women dance like no ones watching. Standards are left at home, you can be who you want to be and no one will judge you today. Don’t think about sitting down near the music areas because a fan will grab you off your feet for a dance. There are no arguments here and nor will there ever be, it’s like the best ever party and everyone’s invited.

Music - 9/10


Tiesto - 9/10

Tiësto’s performance exceeds expectations; in fact he takes things to whole new euphoric levels. As he opens with hypnotic material, fans run towards the main area to join the thousands of moving bodies. During the next two hours he presents an elaborate mix of chilled out tunes such as ‘Melancholy Hill’ or a bit of ‘You Got The Love’ to sweeten the mood before taking it back to a heavier beat with some classic trance from his new album. You can see Tiësto is putting everything into this set and he plays into the night aided by stunning visuals, perfect sound quality and the love from the audience.

Eddie Halliwell - 9/10
The Mixmag tent offers a distinctive opportunity at Victoria Park as Eddie Halliwell mounts the decks. Creative lighting and the use of fire make this performance very atmospheric. The crowd chants Eddie’s name repeatedly and there’s no need to question why. The play list features Ibiza club classics which creates an escape for those who are involved. He creates a soulful performance encouraged by feedback from his appreciative fans, all packed into an averagely-sized tent. The DJ is miles from his huge shows in Ibiza but he still puts in just as much effort.

The Japanese Popstars - 8/10
The Japanese Popstars is the best band to come out of space, perfect for an afternoon rave. The use of spaceship-style sounds creates a boost of youthfulness and energy to the event as ticket holders arrive. The duo is bringing back the dance movement of the 90s but with a modern twist. The progressive songs and dirty basslines attract thousands who get up and dance despite having only just got to the venue. Fans remain oblivious to the fact that is has started to rain as they party into the late afternoon.

Avicii - 8/10
Avicii offers a compelling playlist with remixes featuring well known dance duo The Chemical Brothers and electronic super stars Justice. It’s the perfect combination of songs with something to suit every raver’s tastes. The audience can’t get enough and are left chanting for more as the DJ finishes.


Pendulum - 4/10

It’s impossible to appreciate a live act when most of the songs are out of time, not that you can hear the band above the chattering from the people around you, despite being marginally near the front. Whether it’s the fault of the wind, the sound team, or that the band, the music just wasn’t loud enough. What’s drum n bass without the drum or the bass? The front man tries to initiate a Mexican wave, which just isn’t happening, then the poor guy is ignored by the crowd as he tries for a vocal response, what an epic fail. The show is such a disappointment. We know you have the ability to put on a show stopping performance lads, better luck next time.

Random Events

An abundance of over 40s frolic around main stage, dancing till they can’t dance no more. If we can do it so can they. Thankfully dad dancing is kept to a minimum.

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