Talk is Tweet: Isle of Wight Festival 2010

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Talk is Tweet: Isle of Wight Festival 2010

Photographer: Mark Holloway14 June 2010


# We're all at sea & that! Can't wait to arrivie on the Isle. Tell us who you want to see tonight. The year's best lineup #IsleOfWightFestival

# #isleofwightfest currenly have 50,000 people singing along to three lions with Ian Brodie

#vf Just bumped into Florence backstage, she's looking forward to her Jay-Z support slot later tonight #IsleOfWightFest

#IsleOfWightFest The big top tent is being treated to a video of Dave Berry practicing his Marina introduction speech. Pretty painful stuff.


# #IsleOfWightFestival is pretty upbeat today following Jay-Z's storming set last night. The sun is shining and VF has a cup of tea in hand!

# Festival tips from Bombay Bicycle Club - use baby wipes and don't throw up on the stewards. Thanks lads, very useful! #IsleOfWightFest

# Paloma Faith attempting a penalty shoot out in bright red high heels - ambitious but hilarious #isleofwightfestival

# #isleofwightfest Well done to the guy who managed to find the only muddy puddle & jumped in head first!Main stage filling up now, sun's out

# #isleofwightfest Mixmag's editor showing his Dj Hero skills on the main stage. The Hold Steady sound checking look less than impressed.

# Paloma Faith just came off stage @ #IsleOfWightFest heading towards the hotel with a bottle of champagne and a golf buggy

# #IsleOfWightFest Check out the OzBBQ stall, amazing kebabs and a chef dressed as a clown. What more could you want?

# There seems to be a large inflatable kangaroo dancing to Crowed House... #IsleOfWightFest

# Excellent show from Vampire Weekend although the drummer's controversial USA top doesn't get much love #IsleOfWightFest

# Blondie are laying down the rock platform for The Strokes in style - "one way or another..." #IsleOfWightFest

# Reviewer's rule no.1: avoid cliches. It's bloody fever pitch here. The Stokes on stage very soon at the #IsleOfWightFest

# It's got chilly here at #IsleOfWightFest but Ferne Cotton dancing to Hammer Time has certainly warmed us up. Strokes in t-minus 10.

# Julian Casablancas can hardly stand let alone speak. His perfomance is still faultless. Just kicked into Last Nite #IsleOfWightFest

# VF just managed to shake Casablancas' hand, he invented rock n roll, and hug a 60 yr old gimp. #IsleOfWightFest


# At least Liam from The Courteeners enjoyed The Strokes yesterday. "they totally smashed it didn't they". Yes, they did! #isleofwightfestival

# The lovely ladies in the VIP garden at #isleofwightfestival are loving TheCourteeners, dancing their little socks off!

# They've got the extended platform up today @ #isleofwightfestival. Pink's on @ 7 and I hear she's got quite the stage show, carnival and all

# Martin Kemp slapping some super cool bass. Cheers to the cowlgirl who just gave us a beer #IsleOfWightFest

# Pink just getting lowered onto the main stage at #isleofwightfest from a crane. Full carnival set up, cannons the lot!

# Now Pink is flying around the arena 10ft above our heads in a emerald jumpsuit - amazing show! #IsleOfWightFest

# Macca is keeping the Alan Partridge fans happy with some classic Wings material. Overshadowed so far by Pink though #IsleOfWightFest

#   Just got home from #isleofwightfestival, now watching it all again on ITV2. Reliving the huge Sir Paul set of earlier this evening

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