Rob da Bank @ Bestival 2009

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Daniel Fahey | 16 September 2009

Boasting a new site layout, beautiful sunshine and a few coups in regards to bands and new arenas, we thought it best to chat to Mr da Bank to see if the new changes at Bestival were working or not. We even let him start the questioning…

Rob da Bank: “Hi guys, you having a good time, enjoying it, what do you think of it so far?”

VF: Brilliant, having a blinder! How much easier has it been this year compared to last year; especially with the weather with last year’s rain?

RDB: “Yeah, I’ve been wetting myself all year in case we have a repeat of last year. Although it didn’t completely kill the atmosphere and we all got through it and a lot of people had a good time, it obviously wasn’t ideal to have that much rain and mud and this year we haven’t had a drop, I don’t want to speak too soon, but yeah – it’s absolutely amazing and it does help.”

VF: How do you think the new site layout’s working?
RDB: “I’m really pleased with it. I’m sure we’ll have a few people saying they liked it the way it was, or the stage is at a crazy angle, but this is called Robin Hill – it’s all on hills - everything is on a slant somewhere. The bands have been loving it, Friendly Fires and Seasick Steve and people like that have all said to me, yeah it’s on quirky angles but they’ve really loved it. The crowd have been incredible, a really young cool crowd, I always wanted to keep Bestival totally mixed, but I love the fact there’s so many young people who’ve come as it gets a really good vibe going for the bands.”

VF: Is the Afterburner going to be staying here for the next few years as well, is that now a regular feature.
RDB: “Yeah, I mean, I think it’s the best outdoor stage in the world, I think it’s absolutely incredible. It doesn’t really matter who’s DJing on it or whatever they’re playing – it’s just the craziness of the whole venture that is just insane.”

VF: Do you think you’ll keep the other changes for next year?

RDB: “I don’t know, it’s not just me who makes the decisions; there’s a lot of people involved, there’s my wife Josie who kind of decides where things go, she came up with the idea of moving the stage, and obviously I think it’s worked, but we’ll see what the reactions been afterwards, look at the message boards and talk to people – everything is taken into consideration. There’s health and safety to think about when it rains for example – there’s always the boring stuff to think about as well.”

VF: And what do you think has been your best act so far or the major success of the weekend?

RDB: “It’s difficult to pin one down, I mean, Seasick Steve yesterday was incredible. I knew he was going to rinse it out, he had a massive crowd and he totally smashed it he’s a legend. Kraftwerk were understated and totally sublime with their amazing visuals – I’m really happy we were able to get them, and the young new guys – Friendly Fires, La Roux, Florence and the Machine.”

VF: Florence and the Machine were amazing, they really kicked it off.

RDB: “Yeah, Florence absolutely loved it.”

VF: Is there somebody you’d love to get for next year that you didn’t get for this year? Do you have anyone already in mind for 2010?
RDB: “Well, I go back to Kate Bush every year, it’s always been a dream of mine, maybe one in some weird other space, that she’ll turn up; there’s a few people ticking along in my head, but I don’t want to give the game away!”

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