Coachella Festival 2003: Sunday

Coachella Festival 2003: Sunday

Photographer: Craig Arthur02 June 2003

A big hand-painted sign greeted Sunday's concertgoers with, "Libertines re-scheduled 5:40 Mojave tent." What a welcome surprise for those who thought they had missed their opportunity the night before when the band was "unplugged" two songs into their set due to the midnight curfew.  Apparently sound problems plagued this tent earlier in the day forcing people to play later than scheduled. Libertines frontman Pete Doherty, at least was able to leave in style, wind-mill slamming his mic stand to the stage.

First up on this day though was the four sibling (and one friend) outfit called Eisley. These guys haven't released a cd yet, (EP due out May 20), and they have already had their picture in Rolling Stone and will be touring the US with Coldplay... not bad for a band who's oldest member is 20! Sounding very reminiscent of Belly, Eisley made the most of their "high noon" set time even though this wasn't a good match for their style of music.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives unfortunately prefer a certain type of dress onstage... & playing from 1:40pm-2:20p!m, (the hottest part of the day), didn't lend itself well to suitcoats. Watching their pale Scandanavian skin slowly turn pink was a reminder to break out the sunscreen or try to take in some of the tent life.

Swampy tents were a respot from the sun, but not the heat. So after catching Ima Robot and the Von Bondies in the Mojave tent it was back to the main stage for Sonic Youth where a Coachella record was set for most guitar changes in under 30 minutes. Many stayed just long enough to watch Thurston Moore grind a guitar against an amp or two, and then made their way to the Mojave to catch the Libertines.

Probably the "buzz" band of the entire festival, the Libertines made the most of their second chance performance playing to an overflow crowd in the Mojave. Having to shed clothes along the way, due to the heat, they easily had the best performance of the day... up to this point. Kudos to the show schedulers for letting Jack Johnson end the daylight hours adding a little calm before the storm.

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