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Iceland Airwaves 2008: Day three blog: Fuck Buttons, erm, pressing buttons

Fuck Buttons, erm, pressing buttons

20 October 2008

GusGus, Fuck Buttons, The Mae Shi and Florence and The Machine all performed sets of varying quality (GusGus and The Mae Shi were excellent, Florence was exceptional and Fuck Buttons were just boring) but perhaps the real find of the night was Biogen. Performing with only a laptop and a small audience for company, he cranked out progressive techno and drum n bass that was very accessible and thoroughly enjoyable, contrary to what you might think from the description.  

Tonight it's the turn of the indie pop scene in Iceland with local bands such as Dyrdin, Skater and Mr. Silla & Mongoose performing in a small venue called Organ. The place only needs to get about 50 people through the doors to be considered busy and I'll definitely be there all night - its going to be a blast. Other bands performing tonight around Reykjavik include Ultra Mega Technoband Stefan, White Denim and Simian Mobile Disco. If the party finishes before dawn then Iceland really does have a problem.

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