T In The Park 2007 - Saturday Main Stage

T In The Park 2007 - Saturday Main Stage

Photographer: Mark Austin07 July 2007

With hope in our sodden wet hearts that the last of the Noah's Ark style weather conditions has passed, an enthusiastic bunch of early risers welcome Irish rockers The Saw Doctors on stage to kick-off Saturday's proceedings. Without ever raising the bar to the point of exciting, gentle epic 'Clare Island' - with its wonderful saxophone solo - and 'Hay Wrap' prove fitting breakfast music.

After 30 years on the go, a break-up and reunion, it all ends here today for The Skids as they bow out with their final performance before thousands of their countrymen. "This is a blast, the bones are hanging in there," declares frontman Richard Jobson, as he launches into a storming rendition of punk rock hit 'Into The Valley'. Closing with their 1978 classic 'The Saints Are Coming'... who knew retirement parties could be so much fun?

Chris Martin body double James Morrison woes Balado with his soothing acoustic guitar led ballads, and dedicates his epic 'Wonder World' to all the weirdos in the crowd. Thanks James, we think.

Just as the stage is in danger of brewing a Horlicks, getting the slippers on and ready for an afternoon nap, Welsh sextet Lost Prophets inject some spunk into proceedings. Now, in no one's book are these sharply dressed boyos thought of as face shredding metal, but after the cuteness of Mr Morrison (and no Yellow or Clocks?) its as if Napalm Death have crashed onto stage as 'ShinobiVsDragonNinja' roars our from the amps with glorious distortion. The 'sore thumb' scenario isn't lost on the band, in fact, frontman Ian Watkins is relishing the chance to terrorise his virgin audience. "Everyone, let's get moving, I want to see this place jumping," he demands, before joking that'll it'll be the last chance we do that for a while.

There can't be many fans in the fresh faced crowd who own a James album - there is certainly less who could tell you the singer's name or even where are from - yet here we, almost in a hypnotic state belting out ever word of classics 'She's A Star' and 'Sit Down'. The soundtrack to our youth belongs to Tim Booth and his seminal Manchurian crew, and the nostalgia trip back through the radio waves and into your dad's Ford Escort passenger seat 15 years ago is a moment which reminds us of the magic of festivals. Thank God Tim's dancing didn't catch on though.

The soundtrack to a happy suicide; Arcade Fire take the welly-wearing masses to a warm, clean place where toilets are no longer to be feared and each cosy tent has room service. The beautifully constructed songs of the Montreal collective, heightened by violinists, organists and effortlessly blissful vocals, are mesmerising as husband and wife Win Butler and Regine Chassagne conduct a set which includes 'Rebellion (Lies)', 'No Cars Go' and closer 'Wake Up'.

And like a groupie being booted off a tourbus, Johnny Borrell and his band Razorlight bring good old fashion rock n roll back to T with a thud. After racing from London's Live Earth earlier in the day, the co-headliners play through a predictable yet entertaining set against a glowing backdrop. The unusually quiet Johnny let's the music do the talking tonight and with the majestic 'Somewhere Else' and 'America' to sing along to, the fans are happy to do without the ramblings of this particular rock star.

So, like Razorlight before them, The Killers are back at T In The Park again, but this time in the festivals throne for the night. A touching cover of the Frankie Valli's 1967 worldwide hit 'I Can't Take My Eyes Off You' aside, Brandon Flowers and his Las Vegas indie stars have nothing particularly new in store and despite it being the first time Balado has heard tracks from their second album, it's the old favourites that go down the best, as modern day anthems 'Smile Like You Mean It', 'Somebody Told Me' and 'Jenny Was A Friend of Mine' induce the biggest party of the weekend. 'All These Things That I've Done' closes a memorable second night and for hours later campers are still telling anyone who'll listen: "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier!"

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