Guildford 2001 Review - Introduction


Guildford 2001 Review - Introduction

If you were looking through yellow pages for a qualified person to comment upon the quality of a festival then it's pretty likely that Simon Friend (from the Levellers) would be a sound choice. With the Levellers' festival pedigree, they should know what they're talking about when it comes to music in a field.

Chatting to Simon as he explored the site with his twelve-year-old son, he rated the Guildford three dayer as one of the closest things we've still got to an event that clings to the roots of the music festival phenomenon. "It's what Drunk in Public's all about really. It's not about get-rich-quick promoters or anything - it's about people and music and just enjoying the whole vibe."

There's no Mega-Corp sponsorship here. Organiser Tony Scott's extended summer barbecue for a few ten's of thousand's of his pals has something about it that makes you feel good about life, the universe and - well - everything really.

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