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'Pass The Beans' shows how not to do festivals

13 April 2007

You might recognise the opening scene from your own festival experience. Best not keep watching if you're feeling delicate at all. The madcap mini-movie features lots of beans, lager, mashed up meat and even a cameo from Nessie!

The film was produced by the You Tube Oscar-nominated Scot James Provan on behalf of Rock Ness.

Organisers of the Scottish music festival, featuring The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Manic Street Preachers and many more, are keen to impress their 'Keep It Green, Keep It Clean' eco message.

A festival spokesperson said: “Rock Ness is staged in the most beautiful festival site in the world and we want to ensure fans keep it that way. Pass the Beans is an inspired slice of DIY filmmaking and we are thrilled that, madcap humour aside, James’ You Tube film will allow us to reach many of the 35,000 fans attending.  Our message to everyone is clear - enjoy the weekend but respect the magical location and look after each other.”     

Speaking about his latest cinematic endeavour, James said: “I wanted to create something fast and punchy as a tribute to The Chemical Brothers who are my favourite band.  The main reason though is to promote the importance of keeping Loch Ness and the awesome festival site Green and Clean.”   

The film-maker is well know on YouTube thanks to his hilarious hit short, 'Pancakes'.

Rock Ness takes place near Dores, on the banks of Loch Ness, from 9-10 July.




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