V Festival 2006

V Festival 2006

Photographer: Shirlaine Forrest20 August 2006

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VF was there with the best of 'em; moshing, ligging, and generally getting in the thick of it to scrape together our top 10 best bits of the Virgin Mobile-sponsored festival.

The fun started as we drove into Chelmsford, which advertises itself as the 'home of radio', only to find that Virgin Radio didn't work - oh the irony - and it finished when we met a bloke collecting photos of himself in other people's sun glasses while we were packing up out tents. We were number 167. Legend. Here are some more...

1. The entire tent singing along with Jamie T's 'Sheila' and dancing like it was 1981 all over again. Someone should tell the Ordinary Boys that's what real skanking looks like.

2. When a burly young lady invaded Razorlight's stage, tried to hug either Johnny or the mic stand, missed both and was speedily flattened by security. Borrell didn't miss a beat.
3. Art Brut having to play their set at twice the normal speed as their set time had been cut in half.

4. A fully naked man weeing, non-handed, onto his own tent, apologising profusely to all that passed by. What a legend.

5. Peaches Geldof miraculously managing to 'DJ' whilst dancing outside the booth and paying a visit to the portakabin. Maybe she texted her requests?

6. The so-wrong-it's-right game of tag-team cider-flinging during one of Radiohead's many songs about suicide.

7. Some foolhardy ladies armed with wet wipes, a full bladder and a strong stomach, who found a lone tree by the Bacardi Tent only to end up screaming and falling over each other when they found a lady poo by their feet.

8. Beck's show on Sunday night. The singer's band had a trippy live puppet show which featured them trashing Radiohead's dressing room. It was meant to be poking fun at the band, but it felt a little more serious than that. Which made it even darker.

9. The Guilty Pleasures disco in the Virgin Louder Lounge. As DJ Sean Rowley spun his final tune of the night - Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now - all the c-list celebs put their burgers down and went wild. Watching Jade Goody and Jodie Marsh holding on to their massive breasts as they pogo-ed on the spot was priceless.

10. Radiohead’s brilliant headline set. 50,000 punters singing the opening bars of The Bends made the hairs on the back of our necks stand up, while the inclusion of Lucky and Creep was inspired.

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