T In The Park 2006

T In The Park 2006

09 July 2006

As far as festivals go, they don't get much bigger than T In The Park. Alright, Glastonbury out-sprawls it by a country mile with plenty more to offer on the side, while Reading is more established and soaked in history. But in terms of a presssure-cooker atmosphere that continually threatens to blow bands, speakers and fans skywards via a sudden explosion of nitrox fun, they don't come any more fierce. T In The Park never stops. From the moment fans start pouring eagerly onto the Balado airfield on Friday, until they wearily crawl away on Monday morning, the site never sleeps with excitement flooding every corner of the Kinross festival.

Loads of top bands, including Kasabian and The Killers, have declared T In The Park their favourite festival in the world and last year the weekender won the UK Festival Award for 'Best Major', narrowly beating Glastonbury thanks to its loyal set of fans, who dutifully return year after year. Inevitably organisers always declare the latest festival the 'best ever' but the 2005 event was definitely up there with the greatest in T's 12 year history. So how will 2006 fare in comparison? VF sent our crack team of Scottish correspondents to revel in it all once again. Read what they thought via the links below, then say what you thought about the Scottish rock-bohemoth on our message boards...

:.Saturday: Main Stage
:.Sunday: Main Stage

:.Saturday: NME/Radio 1 Stage
:.Sunday: NME/Radio 1 Stage

:.Saturday: King Tut's Stage
:.Sunday: King Tut's Stage

:.Pet Sounds Stage round-up

:.Bacardi-Live Tent round-up

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