T In The Park 2006: Pet Sounds Arena

T In The Park 2006: Pet Sounds Arena

Photographer: Paul KerrPeter Freeman on 11 July 2006

Festival organisers had promised this new tent would offer the most eclectic mix of music T in the Park has ever showcased. There would be bands to suit all tastes and something for everyone to enjoy. There would probably be quite a lot of pish too, but not quite knowing what to expect from the line-up merely adds a little spice to the occasion.

After just a few minutes it’s clear that Pet Sounds is destined to be a huge success as members of the audience begin to jig around to Seth Lakeman’s energy-packed folk rock with the original looks of intrigue now well and truly transformed to sheer joy.

The large crowds and typical T In The Park party atmosphere continue throughout the day with The Levellers providing one of the weekend’s best performances and an abundance of rousing sing-along moments. The very apt 'Beautiful Day' goes down particularly well, with their didgeridoo player almost taking out the whole band as he scuttles about on the stage.

The euphoria isn’t quite so strong during the Divine Comedy’s somewhat lacklustre performance but headliners Sigur Ros more than make up for it with an astonishingly powerful set. With Icelandic lyrics it’s much harder to sing along but by now most people are blootered enough to give it a bloody good go and many of them are talking gibberish anyway.

On the Sunday everything is going a little bit pear-shaped as the travel problems experienced by many of the bands coming over from Ireland’s Oxygen festival. Zero 7 are the first casualty and are forced to to cancel. Some more great performances from the likes of silky smooth Corinne Bailey Rae and Jose Gonzales, however, easily make the hassle of the last-minute timetable changes pale into insignificance. 

The Scottish boys from My Latest Novel are especially well received as they put on a very self-assured performance with an energetic clattering of guitars, drums and violins. But it’s the not so secret headliners, Kasabian, who really steal the show in a whirlwind of guitar enthused electronica. In between belting out their anthemic tunes and trying in vain to out-sing the crowd, guitarist Serge Pizzorno even finds time to run around on stage with an Italy flag celebrating his country of birth's win in the World Cup.

He certainly isn’t the only person in the tent with something to cheer about. Everyone who has been lucky enough to squeeze into the packed out Pet Sounds Arena is being treated to an absolutely amazing show which is the perfect close to the weekend and leaves thousands of people waiting with baited breath for next year’s musical mishmash extravaganza.  

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