Festival Internacional de Benicāssim 2002

Festival Internacional de Benicāssim 2002

Photographer: Andrew FutureAndrew Future on 01 August 2002

To say the rain is bucketing down the glass roof out the back of VF's west London HQ is as much an understatement as saying that the FIB Heineken Festival in Benacassim was quite a good gig. There's not even enough hyperbole in my acetic gullet to form a true and faithful appraisal that does Benacassim true justice. IT WAS MARVELLOUS. WE HAD IT ULTRA LARGE, GOT TRASHED, MADE TOP FRIENDS AND MANAGED TO SEE RADIOHEAD, THE CURE, MUSE, THE CHEMICALS BROTHERS. IN SPAIN. AT NIGHT. ON A BEACH. OH YES. OH MY, YES!

The Brit pack herded to the backstage pool like tramps to a free cash machine. Friday afternoon saw Gaz and Danny from Supergrass desperately trying to find 'confectionary' whilst managing to spill a few beans about their new album.

'It's about drugs, sex, rock n roll and babies. People and aliens. Pigeons!' they tell us. At least they're not growing up. 'We're regressing. We're getting older in years.' Muses Danny, who's in typically sharp mood. Upon being asked how the Spanish come across, he retorts; 'They're quite easy to come across, they're very loose people.' Oh yes.

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