V2001 Chelmsford Review - Saturday


V2001 Chelmsford Review - Saturday

Andrew Future on 18 August 2001

Having not heard of Jimmy Barnes, I ventured in to catch a bit of Nelly Furtado, whose 'hits' include 'I'm Like A Bird' and that really good one that includes the line 'You're beautiful/That's for sure.' Oh, it's the same song, is it? Trundling past the over-played pleas of true, ghetto-stylee hip-hop sincerity from Spooks, made Nelly's well choreographed little show surprisingly good fun, though the lingering suspicion by many that she wasn't actually Kylie did taint it a bit. A shame, because she seemed to be making the effort.

Embrace made a bit of effort too. C'mon, they turned up, didn't they? It's just a shame Richard McNamara (guitarist/songwriter) puts up with the half-arsed dog-eared row that his brother pelts out to the poor fucks clearly standing around to endure Texas later on. Their set gives us time to fully appreciate the shiteness of the backstage area.

All you stupid, stupid people who think it's something special to get backstage are sorely mistaken. All that's there is slightly cleaner toilets and the likes of Neil Hannon lingering around trying to look famous, and Brian Molko allegedly pestering small boys.

Where's the bbq and free sangria they had at Homelands?

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