The Official 'Best of' Witnness 2002

The Official 'Best of' Witnness 2002

25 July 2002

1. Two days of sunshine at Witnness. 'Cast no Shadow' and pass the aftersun...
2.  Glen Hansard singing "Another Love Song" with Robbie Kitt (David Kitt's 12 year old brother) in the Witnness TV tent in the treatment area on Saturday night, followed by an impromptu version of "Robbie Wonderland".
3.  Liam Howlett & Keith Flint in the security pit during "Smack my bitch up".  Keith walked along the security barrier waving and taunting fans in the front before returning to the stage draped in a tri-colour. Didn't take the Witnness fans long to get him on side...
4.  Glen Hansard and The Revs dancing around with the crowd in the Witnness TV tent. Those boys know how to party.
5.  Café stage headliner, Josh Ritter was joined on stage by Glen Hansard, Nina Hynes and Mundy, they performed a cover version of "Black Velvet Band" to a packed house.
6.  Gwen Stefani's energetic performance on Witnness main, she covered every inch of the stage before climbing the scaffolding rig to the top.
7.  Goodtime John performed a perfect Moonwalk (dressed as Michael Jackson) during Redneck Manifesto's set as they played "Beat it". You had to be there to believe it.
8.  Gwen Stefani caused most male members of the media to have palpitations as she strutted through the press and treatment areas in her eight-inch heels.
9.  The Revs in the Witnness signing tent - one of the most popular bands to sign autographs over the weekend.
10.  Noel Gallagher's visit to the new Witnness Inn (backstage), where he announced details of their forthcoming gig in Derry (Sep 7) and badmouthed James from Starsailor... 
11.  Glen Hansard and Badly Drawn Boy rolling around in the mud (on separate occasions)
12.  The Walls performed their new single "To the bright & shining sun" in the Witnness TV tent which meant that they spontaneously 'gate-crashed' this year's festival as they weren't officially on the line-up. 
13.  Unforgettable unplugged sessions came from The Parkinsons who rocked into the crowd and invited members of the audience on stage with them.
14.  Green Day's Billy Joe encouraged Witnness fans to sling mud at each other while he brought fan, Colin Boylan from the crowd to jam onstage.  Billy Joe then gave him his guitar in what became his perfect Witnness moment.

15.  Polyphonic Spree (all 24 of them) dressed in Southern Baptist Minister smocks, rocked Witnness main on Sunday with their charismatic lunchtime performance. One to watch, these guys will be big.

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