Haim at T In The Park 2013 review

'Haim have the crowd in a frenzy'

Photographer:Sara Bowrey

Mark Conroy - 12 July 2013

As the sun shines at T, there is an air of anticipation in the crowd. The BBC Sound Of winners from the class of '13, Haim come highly recommended at this year's T In the Park. The sisters, all in black, greet the crowd and strike the first notes with a striking confidence. The beat begins to resonate through the crowd and a quick crowd dance kicks off.

It's not only the lush harmonies and enthusiasm that have taken ahold, but the blues and rock-laced pop. Este Haim screams to the crowd and gets a rapturous response, no ill effects from Glastonbury evident. A five minute jam ensues and even this interlude is warmly received by the crowd.

Clearly Haim know what they're doing. 'Falling' showcases both their pure vocal and instrumental strength and has the crowd in a frenzy. 'Forever' the penultimate track maintains that standard.

With their final song the guitars pierce the evening and the bass thunders through the ground. Thank you Haim, it's been a pleasure. 

"I f**king love you" Este screams. The feeling's mutual.

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