Download Festival 2013 Preview: stages of excellence

Five to watch across the Download Festival 2013 line-up

Photographer: Sara BowreyMatt Miles on 03 June 2013

Now Download Festival 2013 is ready to launch its gargantuan black presence over us all, we've compiled a list, a pick of the bunch and neatly it features one act from each one of the five Download Festival stages.

Main Stage

Rammstein - Sunday June 16 - 21:15

Headliners may seem like the obvious choice. But it cannot be drilled home enough just how much you NEED to have seen Rammstein live, if you still haven't, take this opportunity to rectify that mistake post haste my metal loving friend. Honorable mention to Down and Mastodon who will also no doubt liquify faces from the main stage with pure shredosity.

For a full expose on just how great Rammstein will be, click here. 

The Zippo Encore Stage

Ghost - Sunday June 16 - 17:10

Another band that deliver not only a head banging, foot tapping, fist pumping array of tunes but at the same time an excellent stage show. Ghost don't play shows they play sermons. Ghost aren't a band, they are a clergy. Get converted.

Also weirdly enough the second band on this list to have their own range of sex toys.

The Pepsi Max Stage

Kverlertak & The Hives - Saturday June 15 - 20:05

Telling people to willingly skip watching Iron Maiden is always going to be controversial. However these two headlining the Pepsi Max stage is an incredible deal. Stake your place during Kvelertak's brutal viking inspired riffery, these boys need no gimmick to rock your nuts off. Then get ready to spasmatically bop along to the catchy, jerky, infinitely enjoyable rhythm of indie punk perfection The Hives

The Jagermeister Acoustic Stage

The Graveltones - Sunday June 16 - 13:00

With bands like Alabama Shakes and The Black Keys helping Americana blow up right now chart-wise. How would you like your very own Americana band with a slightly more metallic sound? You'd love that? Brilliant. Go see The Graveltones. Filthy guitar licks, a dirty tone and all Americana. (Even though they are from Australia)

The Red Bull Studio Stage

Huntress - Sunday June 16 - 13:55

Want to know what it would be like if Portia De Rossi fronted a metal band? Huntress would happen. Check em out for an impressive amount of riffery whilst countless men fall under the spell of frontwoman Jill Janus. According to wikipedia she has a vocal range of four octaves yet, reluctantly, the final word here comes from one youtube commenter 'Cephir27': "This porn has good music"

Download 2013 tickets are on sale now, day tickets are £82.50 and Weekend camping tickets are £195.

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