Primal Scream - Festival No.6 review

'The creative fires are still burning'

Photographer:Sara Bowrey

Chris Eustace - 16 September 2012

New songs during a festival headline set aren't always the way to endear yourself to a crowd, but they can sometimes act as a statement of intent. Tonight, Primal Scream don't leave it too long to make it clear that there's not going to be any post-Mani moping  as '2012' explodes out of the blocks.

As Bobby Gillespie intones "the underground horses are coming", it comes across as a more melodic take on their 'XTRMNTR' era, but no less furious, a point reinforced when they follow it up with a searing 'Swastika Eyes'.

Gillespie prowls the stage, more like a hungry newcomer than a man whose band is in its 30th year of existence, yelling "If you hate the Royal Family, clap your hands" before a euphoric 'Movin' On Up', and dedicating their roughed-up 'Screamadelica' cover of the 13th Floor Elevators' 'Slip Inside This House' to the album's producer Andrew Weatherall ("A genius"), also onsite to DJ this weekend.

Two more new songs suggest a diverse new album is in the offing, as 'Relativity' combines tabla rhythms and insistent organ in the verses with a screechy, stomping chorus and a woozy, space waltz outro to make one of the most intriguing things the band have done in a while, a defiant indication that the creative fires are still burning. 'It's Alright, It's OK' features more tabla-style drums, and a return to the more Stones-y style of 'Give Out But Don't Give Up', before we're giving a jolt by the driving chants of 'Shoot Speed/Kill Light'.

A roar goes up as the familiar sample heralds the start of 'Loaded', with Gillespie leading the audience in some 'Sympathy For The Devil'-style "woo-woos" over the top, and the love-in continues with a blissful 'Come Together', leading us into a high-octane finale. We get a clapalong 'Country Girl', a swaggering 'Jailbird' and, to finish, a punky version of 'Rocks', which Bobby dedicates to his son Wolf for his eighth birthday.

As it ends in a riot of feedback, strobes and an echoing "Testify!" speech as the band troop off, it's a hell of a present.

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