Frightened Rabbit - Y-Not Festival 2012 review

'They keep their foot on the gas'

Jamie Barker - 03 August 2012

Frightened Rabbit have been away for a while and it's half-expected that today's main stage set might be rammed full of the fruits of their presumable labour.

Opening their set with 'The Modern Leper,' from their second album 'The Midnight Organ Fight', the crowd are immediately drawn into their world of break ups and vitriolic innuendo.

Most of their material documents the night time moments of intense relationships but, with children hoisted on parent's shoulders, you wouldn't think so today. The audience seem much more familiar with 'Nothing Like You' and some awkward shuffling and tuneful murmuring probably constitutes the weekend's first singalong moment.

After another clutch of songs from the debut they finally show their hand in terms of new material. The title of the track isn't shared but the lyric "blood is thicker than concrete" suggests that the new album will be just as emotionally charged and relationship based  as their previous offerings.

Towards the end of the set, it becomes obvious that many of the crowd are impatiently awaiting the arrival of the Pigeon Detectives and that begins to manifest itself in thrown drinks and overly-aggressive appreciation of the relatively laid back, material.

Despite this comic reaction from the audience, Frightened Rabbit keep their foot on the gas and finally satisfy the barrier shouts for 'Living In Colour'.

As they realise they're against the clock , they draw the set to a close with a slightly anti-climatic run through of 'Loneliness and the Scream'. Today is step one on Frightened Rabbit's return and it's one of self assurance and promise for the future.


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