Summer Sundae 2004: Saturday, 15th August

Summer Sundae 2004: Saturday, 15th August

Photographer: Robin Hosgood14 August 2004

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Although there are no scissors or shaving foam in sight, Dons Mobile Barbers' rock-synth style is a welcome start for the few early-birds who have already arrived. With no intention of getting sunburnt or eaten-alive by wasps however, it's probably a good thing that the Rising Stage is under a small marquee, although sitting in an area which has an effect on you that a greenhouse has on tomatoes, it's a good idea to not stay around for too long... Good job there's plenty of drinks on sale then...

Contracting heatstroke while wondering why you're not getting a short-back and sides is one thing, but best acts of the day on the Rising Stage however must go to Leicester's My Awesome Compilation with their catchy electro-emo-punk-rock sound, and also the classically-trained singer/songwriter Abi Moore who, at only 21, provides one of his highlights of the weekend. Coming from a very small village in Lincolnshire, Abi Moore's small (but perfectly formed) set has her performing alongside her band to songs that mostly consist of feel-good, melancholic USA-styled acoustic rock. But even after Abi's set has ended, you're still left wondering where the hell the previous band's so-called Awesome Compilation actually is (and contains...). The mind boggles.

Over at the Musician's Acoustic Stage, Leicester-based Katie Skilling's fusion of acoustic folk rock/pop with a hint of jazz, is another perfect example of what one girl and a guitar can do, but whereas Abi Moore had the audience cheering away, Katie's audience are more than happy to chill out with their beers, but still appreciative enough to return the favour for their entertainment.

Ex-The Icicle Works singer/songwriter and 1994 Mercurey Music Prize nominee, Ian Mcnabb, provides the best of the entertainment in the Indoor Stage, found within the auditorium of De Montfort Hall itself. Dipping into his career catalogue of hits (and misses), Mcnabb initially paces the audience with his baritone voice and heartfelt songs, shifting into top gear when it's time to rock-out and wake everyone up.

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