Orbital - Pohoda 2012 review

'Orbital storm Pohoda'

Photographer:Mark Allan

07 July 2012

A return to form in the studio with 'Wonky' (2012) has reinvigorated Orbital. Taking the stage after an intense, frightening electric storm that all but shut Pohoda down, Sevenoaks' finest, in trademark headgear and surrounded by shards of jagged metal, come on to a wall of noise.  Through 'Halcyon', 'Time Becomes' and 'Straight Sun', the Hartnolls reciprocate.

Orbital Rocks!”, someone hollers in our ear in a lull between songs, launching a wave of euphoric shrieking and whooping – seeing them here is so awesome, the crowd is so polite and reverential, not just to the band, but too each other.

One can't help feel that if this was a festival gig in the UK, teeth would have been shed and beer would have been spilled on our heads by now. At Pohoda, however, everyone gets room to go mental.

Beauty in the melody, filth in the rhythm and dread in the bass, Orbital are a class apart and perhaps should have been on the main stage.

Martin from Slovakia's capital, Bratislava says, “I wait for so long to see these guys, so long. They are a really amazing band”.  Perhaps his understatement is lost in translation, from the wild look in his eyes, we believe so. There is an encore, but it’s not enough and the appearance of technicians on stage draws a visible groan from the crowd.

Along with the rest of the crowd, we stand there dazed and pouring with sweat, Orbital just blew this festival clean open with a savage, blissful set. Please don’t go away again boys, we need you badly right now.

-- Jon Wright

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