The Vaccines - Isle of Wight 2012 review

'They've become something of a national treasure'

Photographer:Anna Hyams

Anja Kimberley - 24 June 2012

Excited to be returning to the home of their first ever festival, The Vaccines have stormed back to the Isle Of Wight to show us what has propelled them to the top of global playlists.

Only two years on from their formation, The Vaccines have become something of a national treasure, having been Virtual Festivals' 'ones to watch' only a year ago they now draw crowds in their thousands like magnets (although that could also be in part the mud slide that has formed around the arena).

Precious available room allows slithers of light through the crowd flickering with the movement like strobe-lights as they dance to 'Wreckin' Bar', punctuating lyrics "Let's go" with sharp bounces, gaining momentum into 'Wetsuit' and chants of "Come on, come on!" interestingly "put a t-shirt on" is less audible. The entire band infuse the stage with energy which they absorb, magnify and throw right back out to the crowd as frontman Justin Young bounds into the air.

'A Lack of Understanding' allows a momentary release and large groups take the opportunity to gather for photos, memories that will evidently encapsulate random individuals they are blissfully unaware of getting in on the fun with contorted faces and cheesy grins.

The pace quickly picks up again for 'Teenage Idol', sparking linked-arm dancing in growing circles. The brief break before 'All in White' gives way to a collective "Happy Birthday" chorus for a fan somewhere in the centre of the audience that all within ear-shot contribute to enthusiastically.  Birthday celebrations complete, Vaccines hit, 'Post Break-Up Sex' creates excited havoc with people clambering on friends shoulders for an opportunity to sing and be picked up by the lowered cameras capturing the moment.

New song 'Ghost Town' is introduced with its second public performance. It is well received - another hit is clearly on the cards as the bass propels the vibe, reminiscent of the ska-punk era, to the core of the arena. Fittingly, two skull and cross bone flags lift high into the air, whilst the less appropriate blow-up doll resembling Vicky Pollard in wellies is better suited to succeeding track - 'Blow Up'.

The finale to a blinding set comprises of 'If you Wanna' and 'Noggard'. The Vaccines excelled our expectations last year and if this is anything to go by, they are just getting started.



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