Jessie J - Isle of Wight 2012 review

'Jessie oozes confidence'

Photographer:Tim Cheesman

Anja Kimberley - 23 June 2012

There's no messing about, 'Do It Like a Dude' commands attention from all corners of the arena as J-J-Jessie J growls fiercely from her vibrantly lit staircase - clearly the stage just isn't high enough. Strutting down with authoritative timing she again raises eyebrows regarding her wardrobe choices.

A long sleeved lacy belly top is coupled with light denim jeans that are missing the shin section, tucked into big boots appropriate for the muddy conditions, not that they are ever likely to see the squidgy side of the Isle of Wight fest. Whipping back perfect, long black hair dyed red from the shoulders down and signature severe fringe, Jessie mocks the crowd for their closeness over the past three days, widely grinning her way into 'Who's Laughing Now' and 'Rainbow'.

We are to be treated, she tells us, to a first ever performance. It is a genuine surprise that she intends to stand still at a mic for an entire song  as we are told mysteriously that this is a song she has never sung before and she may get some words wrong. It seems unlikely for someone who is never failed by words.

Drawing a deep breath and taking position at the standing mic, the opening bars of Usher's 'Climax' catches everyone by surprise. Jessie injects every ounce of her effortlessly powerful voice into the song and gains swathes of new fans who were previously chattering away oblivious. "She's my new favourite artist" one young boy gasps, whilst ripples of "I love this song" trickle through the swaying crowd.

It's an interesting sight: the 'swaying crowd' comprise of pilots, morphs, bumble bees and an assortment of miscellaneous mis-matches - a very real effort has been made today which pleases Jessie no end. Later we are given the brief opening to an explanation of her love of Smurfs which is cut disappointingly short as she back tracks "This will just get weird".

Jessie oozes confidence as she swaggers, bends and pouts throughout, but her inner child is barely contained as she briefs us on a story about a winning horse 'who likes to shop' - she poses as a horse and despite resisting performing the whole of 'Nobody's Perfect' with hands raised one above the other, she barely suppresses the urge as she shimmmys up to the bassist with her hands behind her head as ears and teeth bared. The crowd laugh loudly, it is unlikely anyone has seen a sexier horse act on stage.

Briefly apologising for lowering the tempo, Jessie sings with heart-felt care 'Who you are', accompanied by tagline "If it's bad, it will get better. If it's not better, it's not over", later declaring "It's time to dance!" Chatter is put to one side as thousands of arms and suspiciously oval shaped clear balloons fly into the air for 'Lazer Light'. "Keep it safe, kids" Jessie giggles to retorts of "I'll be your Smurf". Number one singles 'Price Tag' and 'Domino' conclude with a final high, loud and long "Do-mino" leaving a hot and happy crowd waving her offstage.

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