Noah and the Whale - Isle of Wight 2012 review

'They play with unprecedented intensity'

Photographer:Shirlaine Forrest

Anja Kimberley - 23 June 2012

Rejeuvenating the relaxed atmosphere that has encompassed the arena, Noah and the Whale surprise many with an intense and volatile set that reflects the unexpected fortune of weather perfectly. This is a time where a humdrum set could take to the stage and everyone would be perfectly content, however this clearly would not do the same for Charlie Fink and his band.

Adopting a heavy folk accent that doesn't transmit through album edits you could be forgiven for drawing comparison with Mumford and Sons. The rugged and fastidious attention to every word breathed makes the startling distinction as they play with unprecedented intensity.

'Five Years Time' quickly re-jiggles the settled crowd as streams of dancing fans make their way as close to the front as they can manage. Across the field people are grinning like Cheshire cats, an image that is exaggerated as 'Life Goes On' challenges the chanting masses and distinguishes those who have mouthed the words a hundred times to perfection.

The verdict is the majority as it is difficult to spot a single person out of unison.  "Tonight's the kind of night" pumps an air of electricity from the stage that remains as the band exits leaving its atmospheric stamp firmly on the fields of the Isle of Wight.


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