Lana Del Rey - Isle of Wight 2012 review

'She holds her blanket of mystery tightly'

Photographer:Mark Holloway

Anja Kimberley - 23 June 2012

Sultry and immortalised in a classic melancholic movie of herself pouting for an Elvis wannabe photographer, Lana Del Rey looks small and unassuming as she creeps around the stage of the Big Top tent early on Friday evening.

Head bowed, she purrs to a tightly-packed and curious crowd with every inch of the power that put 'Blue Jeans' and 'Born to Die' to the top of international charts.

As the set goes on, a noticeably large drop in numbers from the tent suggests that perhaps expectations are higher of the notoriously theatrical beauty who reveals little of her controversial propensity and speaks rarely.

Lana Del Rey's vocals carry with clarity and dramatic timing however -  to haunting key strokes of the piano. The imagery it conveys, of a sensual and sad story, is mirrored in Lana's own stature as she holds her blanket of mystery tightly through 'National Anthem', exiting with a ghostly lack of ceremony to a mildly surprised but entranced applause.

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