Example - Isle of Wight 2012 review

'Entrancing passion and energy'

Photographer:Mark Holloway

Anja Kimberley - 23 June 2012

Strutting across the stage as the seasoned performer we have become familiar with on every music channel existing, Example performs with entrancing passion and energy that transforms those who are barely aware of his existence to the acquainted-and-loving-it.

Spinning in steps and overbrimming with confidence, he holds his palms to the air and belts out the tunes to 'Watch the Sun Come Up' and 'Come Taste the Rainbow'. Dialogue betrays Example's love of festivals as he repeatedly encourages crowd surfing and "behaving like lunatics".

As clearly expected, not one person fails to respond and amidst flags of various British regions the crowd jump repeatedly as one, plunging their outreached hands into the heat cloud which has taken residence above the arena. Not just the pit - full on participation reaches back to the very perimeters that Example frequently shouts encouragement to.

Dressed in a uniform of black jumper and jeans with sleeves rolled up and white trainers with only a chain to add statement, stage presence and engagement are the formula for success as 'Where did the Sun Go?' is played only slightly prematurely to the decline of the waning light pouring over the crowds from above.

'Kickstarts' and 'Changed the Way you Kiss Me' comprise the finale as Example is seen to throughly dry the sweat built up over the performance and further psyches the crowd up with reference to headliner Tom Petty.  

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