Kelis - Lovebox 2012 review

'A 21st century modern diva'

Howard Jones - 17 June 2012

Fresh from Rita Ora’s outdoor stage performance that continues to announce herself as UK’s new RnB pop sensation, US superstar Kelis has to face up to a challenger for her queen diva role.

The songstress is not to be outdone though, and emerges half an hour late, wearing a dress that looks like Cinderella’s worst nightmare in the most glamorous way possible.

Kelis soon makes short work of overcoming a crowd annoyed over her delayed start time as she immediately gets stuck into her repertoire of RnB pop anthems. Her DJ plays ‘Groove Is in the Heart’ to get folks on side before mixing it into the infectious beat of ‘Bounce' that has the crowd inevitably bouncing along.

Kelis by now is on the drums supporting her all female bandmates and displaying a Ringo Starr level of drumming ability, albeit with admirable gusto.

Kelis classics 'Trick Me' and tantalizing snippets of 'Caught Out There' have the crowd eating out of her hand before the set falls upon a lull and Kelis forgets that a crowd is out there waiting to be entertained.

She eventually remembers and asks how everyone is doing before her DJ drops Labrinth’s 'Earthquake' which quickly rolls into 'Pass Out' before a divine sounding 'Millionaire'. The crowd is now engaged again but such sweet moments of 'Millionaire' are stopped by Kelis’ DJ who almost seems to have attention deficit disorder, cutting songs short and leaving people wanting more.

A wedding disco mix of 'Girls just wanna have Fun' and 'Celebrate' provide an unexpected backdrop for 'Milkshake' as Kelis proves that it still brings all the boys to the yard.  'Smells like Teen Spirit is dropped and the crowd rave before a fitting Donna Summer tribute is provided as 'I Feel Love' runs gorgeously into the booming beat of 'Acapella' as the 21st century modern diva plays tribute to the queen of disco.



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