Wretch 32 - Beach Break Live review

'Seemingly languid MC is a real livewire'

Photographer:Trevor Eales

Chris Eustace - 17 June 2012

Who'd have thought the seemingly languid MC could be such a livewire? The Tottenham rapper is a ball of energy from the get-go on Beach Break's main stage, with the 'Fool's Gold'-sampling 'Unorthodox' skilfully mixed into 'Jump Around' to ensure everyone does just that.

If you think that'll annoy the purists, just wait until you hear new song 'Blur', "written specially for the festivals", it name checks The Killers, The Stone Roses, Oasis and some other band (see if you can work it out) and is precision-tooled to cause pandemonium at an event like this, which it does.

Current single 'Hush Little Baby' comes next, with Ed Sheeran's taped vocals drowned out by the fans, but it's the home straight that sees Wretch deploy his best tunes, with a dramatic 'Forgiveness' and a sweet version of former Number One 'Don't Go' capped by a frenentic 'Traktor' to end the set.

His breakthrough hit, if he can harness the energy onstage tonight, he'll be spoilt for choice for what to end on once album two is out.



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