Hot Chip - Lovebox 2012 review

'The band have just announced themselves as worthy festival headliners'

Photographer:Lisa Rocket

Howard Jones - 16 June 2012

Hot Chip show no nerves in a massive week for the band as they make their first ever festival headline appearance at Lovebox’s 10th anniversary festival on Friday evening.

The band, who this week release their fifth studio album, provide a masterclass in intelligent electro pop, as a swelling crowd, post England’s football victory, rave to the band’s most well known songs and future hits.

The band open with ‘Boy from School' and the song is brilliantly built up to whip the crowd into an early frenzy, patiently layering the song until the inevitable crescendo. Joe Goddard, fresh from a brilliant set with side project 2 Bears, stands behind chief collaborator Alexis Taylor as the hits and new album material are showcased to a highly-charged crowd, relieved that the rain has held off at least for the evening.

New album songs such as 'Night and Day' and 'How do you Do'  sit perfectly along with the more accustomed indie dancefloor classics of 'Over and Over' and 'Ready for the Floor' as a first class set barely gives the crowd a chance to stop dancing. 'Flutes' from the new album 'In Our Heads' sounds particularly good as the band once again build up the song until the explosion point.

The biggest reaction of the night goes to 'Over and Over' which sounds epic across the cloudy London skies with the continual repeated lyric, “like a monkey with a miniature symbol”.

An impromptu cover of Fleetwood Mac’s 'Everywhere' accompanies the closing of the set as the crowd begged for an encore but are denied by the festival’s strict finish times.

Nevertheless, the set leaves everyone under the impression that Hot Chip are still kingpins in the British electro pop scene and have just announced themselves as festival headliners for bigger events.

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