Chase & Status - Beach Break Live review

'Becoming a bona fide festival institution'

Photographer:Michael Cox

Chris Eustace - 16 June 2012

A week after winning over rock fans at Download, Chase & Status don't have to try even half as hard with the dubstep-loving Beach Break crowd.

Luckily, they put the effort in anyway, which is just as well as it appears the lion's share of the festival have made their way to the main stage to watch them.

MC Rage is ordering the crowd to 'bounce' and not taking no for an answer, though if 'Next Hype' or 'Flashing Lights' don't have you doing that anyway tonight, you'd best check your pulse.

A giant, ghostly Plan B, sadly not here tonight, stares down from the video screens in a suitably ominous fashion for 'Pieces' and 'End Credits', while Delilah returns to the stage for an anguished 'Time'.

The high winds increasingly blow the sound around and away from the crowd, but there's no denying the band's power all the same, with standout tracks 'Let You Go' and 'Blind Faith' working all present into a frenzy.

We may only be a few weeks into the summer, but that short period has surely confirmed C&S as a bona fide festival institution. While Rage carries the show extremely well, the onstage charisma isn't quite at the level that their obvious forefathers The Prodigy's Keith and Maxim can bring, and they nearly blot their copybook attempting to cover the uncoverable 'Killing In The Name' in the encore, but it's still an easy win tonight.

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