Delilah - Beach Break Live review

'A voice that hits the high points'

Delilah - Beach Break Live review

Photographer:Al De Perez

Chris Eustace - 16 June 2012

She might be wearing a studded leather jacket onstage tonight, but while Delilah's music isn't always quite as spiky, she's blessed with a voice that hits the high points.

From the sweeping soul of 'Breathe' to the more sultry 'Never Be Another' and 'Two People', there's no doubting her talent, even when the Massive Attack-go-pop of 'I Can Feel You' has to be restarted.

A cover of an old-school rave track shows she's not one-dimensional, and brings to mind Katy B's triumph here last year. 'Shades Of Grey' and 'Love You So' keep things going, and you feel this is a good sunset set, albeit one where we can't actually see the sun.

It's full of slow-burning, atmospheric songs, and very impressive, but it doesn't go down quite as well with a crowd free of tis shackles and ready to rave as it might in another setting, but 'Go' gives the ravers what they want as it all finishes with arms aloft and people on each others' shoulders.


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