Random Impulse - Beach Break Live review

'The most energetic act on the main stage so far'

Photographer:Matthew Turner

Chris Eustace - 15 June 2012

After a rain-lashed night, the sun finally makes an appearance at Beach Break Live, and London MC/singer Random Impulse is the right man at the right time to take advantage. The most energetic act on the main stage so far, he soon gathers an up-for-it crowd, who have clearly been waiting for something like this.

Mixing rapid-fire raps with driving first album Arctics rock n roll, the guitar-toting rapper has plenty of the quirkily English sense of fun that made stars of Tinie and Example, but with more of an eye on the mosh pit, covering 'Fell In Love With A Girl' and adding his own rhymes over the top, while his own 'On A Roll' and an overdraft-baiting 'Put It On My Card' suggest that he has a few rabble-rousing tunes of his own.

With the Beach Breakers warmed up enough to dance, the MC has fun with them, introducing his backing band, attempting to get one audience member with a vuvuzela to hand it over (no dice), and asking them to pick which song he should play next "even though you don't know any of them!" A "la-la-la"-infused 'I Don't Really Care' and speedy 'Best Party Ever' could help change that, as the crowd insist on one more before it's all over.


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