Mumford and Sons - Rockness 2012 review

'A feel-good, rousing chorus would have warmed the crowd'

Photographer:Trevor Eales

Claire Elshaw - 09 June 2012

The clouds and mist have firmly set it as Mumford and Sons take to the stage at Rockness. It’s a real shame, because the hauntingly beautiful Scottish landscape would have perfectly framed the melancholic and mellow Mumford sound. The stage is nearly as full as the audience with members seeming to come from every corner.

They open in style and produce their best known hits early on. ‘Little Lion Man’ is a clear crowd favourite as the whole audience throbs forward and shouts out the infamous lines ‘I really fucked it up this time, didn’t I my dear!’

‘Winter Winds’ and ‘Roll Away Your Stone’ also get a rapturous reception with people dancing in a manner more usually seen at a hardcore rave than a folk gig.

The band do produce a few new numbers -  ‘Lover of the Light’ goes down well enough. However, placing your most well known songs so early in the set has its risks, and this shows as the mid section of the evening seems a little flabby round the middle.

As the night descends and the temperature drops, a feel-good, rousing chorus would have warmed the crowd. Mumford and Sons do have a lovely sound but one or two of the songs felt a bit same-y for such a long set. But overall it holds together well and they're clearly a talented bunch.

It’s nice to see such an array of instruments being played; you can’t beat seeing a big double bass at a festival.  They move from instrument to instrument in style and with ease. It’s a shame there wasn’t quite as much variety in the set.


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