The Prodigy - Download 2012 review

'Keith Flint and Maxim Reality look as dynamic and rave-ready as ever'

The Prodigy - Download 2012 review

Photographer:Sara Bowrey

Ali Ryland - 09 June 2012

No one could have expected the ghastly, unfortunate events of the day: the Glastonbury-esque mud, Europe cancelling, the Cancer Bats being moved to a headline slot, directly clashing with The Prodigy being some. And when the aforementioned Dance Titans being nearly a half hour late threatens to add to this calamitous Friday, it's hard not to feel as disenchanted as Axl Rose's former fans.

But you couldn't stay mad forever; tearing on with 'World's On Fire', Keith Flint and Maxim Reality manage to look as dynamic and rave-ready as ever. The next, wrenching pull into 'Breathe' definitely delivers, the electronic punk right at home with Flint's iconic, cocky presence.

Yet there is a sense of something lacking; when a fan at the start of 'Omen' lets off a flare, it brings to mind the fact that their stage show isn't as impressive as usual, the atmosphere being let down by few lights and no pyrotechnics. Perhaps that's why, for the hell-raising 'Firestarter', Flint rouses the crowd by letting down his already slipping scarlet jeans for a sneak peek at his boxer shorts.

While the crowd are suitably rowdy for the occasion, it is unlike The Prodigy to have big boots to fill for once; with the surprising success of Chase and Status before, it seems the hardcore dance act aren't hardcore enough tonight to merit the full marks they often attain. 'Invaders Must Die' is not the synthed up monster it usually is, and the constant threats to play 'Warrior's Dance'- yet not doing so- adds to the effect of it being not quite as good as it should be.

However, this is the Prodigy; while they may be missing some of their older hits in lieu of new material, they cannot fail to entertain. Despite starting an encore after the success of 'Smack My Bitch Up', 'Take Me To The Hospital' and 'Their Law' still remind us that the alternative dance act are becoming near timeless.


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