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Photographer:Al De Perez

Chris Eustace - 07 March 2012


Drawing on 80’s metal kingpins like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica and Slayer, this lot are getting some attention after impressing at Bloodstock last year.

They’re like a classic British metal band. My favourite song of theirs is ‘Craft’, one of their early singles, or ‘The Line Of Fire’.”


Southampton post-punkers who “play music that is both loud and quiet but mostly loud.” A nice line in thrashy pop.

“They’re a South Coast ‘technical rock band’, and they’re brilliant. Just listen to ‘Bones’ – simple as that!”

Yep, of course there's some metal too.

Tall Ships

Intelligent, rhythmic, jerky-indie maverick trio from Falmouth. Fond of mid-song instrument swapping.

“I don’t know how to describe them…math-rock (Pete: “I’d describe them as ‘not a new band!’”)? They’re newer than those last two bands!  ‘Books’ is awesome.”

Alabama Shakes

Brittany Howard’s hotly-tipped blues-rockers, recalling bits of Janis Joplin, Led Zep and The White Stripes. The big-time beckons, plus Russell Crowe turned up to see them in London!

“They’re great! We just toured with them – ‘Hold On’ is a good tune.”

Other Lives

Expansive Americana from the acclaimed Oklahoma quintet. Midlake meets Morricone, anyone?

Will: “I like the whole album, but ‘Tamer Animals’, the title track, is probably the most immediate song.”


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