Tribes - Eurosonic Nooderslag 2012 review

'Rock n roll suddenly sounds inspiriting again'

Tribes - Eurosonic Nooderslag 2012 review

Photographer: steve wildDaniel Fahey on 14 January 2012


"We haven't had a sound check so you know,” mutters Tribes frontman Johnny Lloyd, arching towards some bad workman adage and the territory of his tools. It’s something he and his Camden cohorts will have to get used to this summer as the festival dates get pencilled in and pile up.

It’s also baffling to know what he’s carping on about when as the four-piece being to awaken the spirits of the Pixies and Suede that they conjured on their debut, ‘Baby’. Rock n roll suddenly sounds inspiriting again; admiration for lads with guitars currently halfway between the gutter and the charts (the lower end of...), of course.

The problem tonight lies more with the set-list. It begins well, their more ruffian rock appearing from a smog of feedback, but the Wave Pictures acoustic schtick of ‘Sappho’ and the pacifying pace of ‘Coming Of Age’ so close together kills it for many.

As many look to the ground and shirk off into the shadows and out the exit door, the fire and punch of ‘We Were Children’ goes a little way towards appease those who remain but this evening, it’s just too little too late.

Were you at the gig? What do you think of Tribes? We want to know. Leave your comments in the box below or head to our festival forums to discuss.

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