Daughter - Eurosonic Nooderslag 2012 review

'Her gasping reflections are stunningly crafted'

Photographer: steve wildDaniel Fahey on 14 January 2012

Please rise.

If any person here present knows of any lawful impediment as to why they can’t appreciate the spiritual encounter which they are about to gratefully receive from Daughter, please leave now.

Communion couldn’t have selected a more suitable setting than Der AA-Kerk for their night at Eurosonic. Its name may not scream cathedral, but the vast, cold-slabbed chamber, littered with lecterns and hymn boards, is as close to Godliness you’re going to get in Groningen.

Daughter, London’s bob-haired Elena Tonra, is leading the sermon on relationship theology with EP track ‘Youth’, trilling: “Setting fire to our insides for fun/Collecting the names of the lovers that went wrong”. Her voice tenderly glides over the marriage of acoustic and electric guitars, which twinkle together like church candles.

The gathered mass in attendance stand aghast. Her gasping reflections are stunningly crafted; they’re slow and restrained and effortlessly poetic. ‘Home’ is so beautiful this evening, it would’ve made Victorian ladies swoon, while the angelic echoes of ‘Landfill’ are absolutely divine. Even without tonight’s setting, Daughter will turn plenty of heads this year.

Were you at the gig? What do you think of Daughter? We want to know. Leave your comments in the box below or head to our festival forums to discuss.

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