Lianne La Havas - Eurosonic Nooderslag 2012 review

'There's plenty of variety to her crushing broken-heartedness'

Lianne La Havas - Eurosonic Nooderslag 2012 review

Photographer: steve wildDaniel Fahey on 13 January 2012

Never date Lianne La Havas. She’ll only immortalise you in song, sprout about what an arsehole you were and then annotate her findings by way of track introductions. She looks so innocent though, you’ll think, as she stands cock-headed in a green Alice In Wonderland puff-ball dress, smiling, all doe-eyed. Inside she’s ripping your head off with her teeth like Ozzy and that bat.

At least there’s plenty of variety to her crushing broken-heartedness: soul, R&B, flowerpot folk. It sounds like there may be sunshine behind that disdain. Tonight, a solo effort of her Willy Mason duet ‘No Room For Doubt’, still works without his vocal interaction as her mellifluous voice breaks to "we all make mistakes, we do. I learned from you”.

There are moments when her voice just shakes the room too, booming like Beyonce or Rihanna, and others, like the more gentile ‘Gone’, which whispers with the vocal quality you’d expect from Erykah Badu.

Despite the driving scorn behind the words, the lyrics themselves aren’t particularly strong but she showcases an enormous amount of potential. An Eliza Doolittle-like effort, ‘Age’, could well steal a place in the charts but the stripped back, forlorn efforts will give an album a lovely equilibrium.

Were you at the gig? What do you think of Lianne La Havas? We want to know. Leave your comments in the box below or head to our festival forums to discuss.


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