Jamie N Commons - Eurosonic Noorderslag 2012 review

'Queue up to praise this man'

Jamie N Commons - Eurosonic Noorderslag 2012 review

Photographer: steve wildChris Swindells on 13 January 2012


Schouwburg is full, such is the bubble of buzz engolfing Jamie N Commons. Past the one in, one out policy, a grand concave ceiling with mural painting hangs above the Bristolian born singer-songwriter as he strides on stage. He is the artistic embodiment of that long-forgotten figure, with a preacher hat sitting upon shaggy, unkept and flayed back hair.

His blues inflicted tunes keep a warm fire burning in the cool Dutch night. Stubbornly melancholy at times, his youth and straight talking is appealing to a new generation of rock fans, bridging the generational gap between poetic greats like Springsteen and Cave.

A brand new song in his live repertoire is a treat as it grooves with hints of heartland rock sentimentality, the stage comes alive as his band erupt in this joyful blues rock ditty. Commons' formative years in Chicago have clearly left a deep, dark mark in this man's musical energy.

In a moment of musical interlude a gent to our left lets out, in quiet astonishment, "fucking hell". Queue up to praise this man, Costello wasn't wrong to champion such a clear burning light in our murky pool of undiscovered British talent.

By the time closer 'Wash Me In The River' comes about taste makers and list makers can't offer odds good enough for Jamie N Commons, this is a live show worth more than a punt.

What do you think of Jamie N Commons? Have you seen him live recently or maybe discovered him before everyone else? Let us know your thoughts on the preacher man by leaving a comment for us below.

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