Glastonbury 2004 Headliners: Oasis

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Andrew Future | 24 June 2004

Saying almost nothing between songs, Liam (cropped haired, wearing a white parka), stares at the floor although his sneer lacks back-up and Oasis don't seem the least bit bothered to fight for their credibility. After reportedly having a fight before going on stage, the ninety-minute set resembles the most dire of session muso performances.

New drummer, Zak Starkey (son of Ringo Starr), drags out most of the songs to the point where they're sludgy, rain-sodden versions of their former selves. 'Champagne Supernova' - a song that defined a generation - is left on its knees in the mud, and even the once great 'Acquiesce' lacks any bite. It's as if he deliberately tries to not play like Alan White, sabotaging everything.

The new songs, 'A Bell Will Ring' and the ironically titled, 'The Meaning Of Soul' pass to tepid applause, and although wall-to-wall classics like 'Supersonic', 'Morning Glory' and 'Columbia' are the stuff of legends, sadly this performance is far from that. Barely looking around, even Noel lacks any of his trademark witicisms and contrary to the rest of Glasto the show is totally dry. It's unheard of for a band to show this much contempt for a baying, capacity-packed Glasto crowd and this is an insult to all their fans. They have the history without the future. It's time to stop the clocks.

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Photographer: Glenn Savage

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