Festival app review: Reading and Leeds 2011

We try out the iPhone application

Photographer:Sara Bowrey

Fiona Gladstone - 23 August 2011

As apps for this year's festivals have been appearing left, right and centre, it was only a matter of time before Reading and Leeds released their iPhone app to get you ready for a Bank Holiday weekend of adolescent escapism and jollity.

The free app, which has been created by Festival Republic, has brought together the main components for a good festival guide. The layout is easy and simple to use, but finding out what time your favourite act is on? That's a little harder. You'll have to head to the merchandise stall and scan a QR code to unlock stage times and if they are going down this route, can't they at least have them up by the bars?

One of the best features of the guide is the music section. The app has selected over 100 songs from acts performing across the weekend, so if you’re unsure of an artist slotted between two bands on your ‘to see list’ you can have a listen and get a feel of what’s in store.

Despite this there are some glitches. The first being the fact the app likes to self-close every few minutes, which does wear your patience extremely thin at times. It is also missing a map, so newbies to the festival will have to be prepared to explore the arena and campsite ahead of the music.

All in all it is a handy app to have and once scanned in the schedule feature will be invaluable, but until then it provides videos, pictures and a twitter feed to get you in the mood and prepared for your Reading and Leeds Festival 2011 experience.  


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