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Festival-Related Interviews

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The Automatic Recover Summer, 27 Sep 2006
"It reminded me of that scene in Apocalypse Now when they're going down the river and find that place where the leaders have died and they're all running round naked in the mud." The Automatic review their festival year...
Sugardaddy, 19 Sep 2006
Like Grandmaster Flash fiddling Groove Armada's g-string, Sugardaddy will have you sleazing in corners of pimp-ridden discos stealing wives with Chris Tarrant. Mainman Tim Hutton talks dirty dance music...
Muse, 15 Sep 2006
"There's a lot of people who preach about politics who just aren't fucking qualified to." Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme talks politics, poker, parentage and playing the biggest festival of their lives...

Merla vs Rob McCulloch: Local Heroes, 01 Sep 2006
Local Heroes competition winners Merla and Rob McCulloch completed their festival tour prize at London's Get Loaded In The Park. Dragging them away from the free bar backstage, we interviewed them head to head about how it's all gone...

Scissors For Lefty, 29 Aug 2006
Step into the domain of Scissors For Lefty and discover a landscape populated by dwarves and morbidly obese women getting their rocks off to '80s soundtracks, it's a weird world full of bad puns but mad fun...

Goose, 20 Aug 2006
Named after Tom Cruise's not-so-lucky flying companion in 'Top Gun', and just signed to Skint Records, Goose are set to rock the dance tents at Reading and Leeds this weekend. Don't get too close though, they might break your arm...

Elbow @ Summer Sundae 2006, 16 Aug 2006
"If you think the thing binding us together is friendship, you'd be wrong". Elbow guitarist Mark Potter takes time out at Summer Sundae to give a glimpse into the working practises of one of the hardest working bands around...

The Presets, 10 Aug 2006
Classically trained self-confessed 'musical bastards', The Presets are Australia's latest beat-mashers to rock up to these shores. Playing at V and Creamfields, stick on a mask, jump around and just be someone else...

Audio Bullys @ Global Gathering, 01 Aug 2006
Just like the average Godskitchen punter, Audio Bullys were once more at home in clubs than out in festival fields - that was until events like Global Gathering started reflecting the changing face of dance music...

James Aldgate @ Global Gathering 2006, 31 Jul 2006
Global Gathering boss James Aldgate has got the biggest sunglasses on we've ever seen. We're not sure if it's to hide the fact that he probably hasn't slept for the last month or if he's closer to the whims of couture than we are...

Coldcut, 21 Jul 2006
If festivals are about the sights as well as the sounds, then there's no better act to personify that marriage than Coldcut. Currently playing a festival every weekend, the cut-up legends are fortunately going to be hard to miss...

Gomez - Latitude Interview, 12 Jul 2006
It's a fickle world - win the Mercury Music Prize... a few years later you're dropped. Gomez have been through it all, but they've since found solice in an adoring American audience.

Glade Interview - Ans, 11 Jul 2006
We catch up with Glade organiser and DJ, Ans, to find out how preparations are going for the third Glade festival. Read on to find out about naked purple people, Middle Earth and much more...

Mystery Jets - Latitude Interview, 10 Jul 2006
Drum-thumping Mystery Jets singer, Blaine Harrison, has had a mixed bag at festivals - from having his crutches nicked at Truck to playing Hyde Park's main stage. Maybe that's why he's playing two sets at Latitude this weekend...

Melvin Benn on Latitude Festival, 06 Jul 2006
"This is the beginning of something special. This isn't a filler while Glastonbury is off. This is a long term project". Mean Fiddler's Melvin Benn explains why new festival, Latitude, is set to be a summer highlight...

Primal Scream - Mani, 05 Jul 2006
We bumped into the legendary bassist, in natural high spirits, just before the mighty Scream went on-stage at Hyde Park Calling. He had strong messages for Sven and those that criticised their famously chaotic Glastonbury show last year!

Creamfields: James Barton, 04 Jul 2006
The man who helped steer the 'superclub' phenomena with Cream, before seeing dance music gradually filter outside with Creamfields, has seen it all. But what does the future hold for his and other dance festivals?

Milburn, 30 Jun 2006
Warning: This interview does not ask Milburn about a certain band from Sheffield that they're all mates with and sound a little bit like. Preparing to do their own hijack job at Reading and Leeds this year, we opt instead for the topic of fighting...

Hyde Park Calling Boss - Toby 'LP', 22 Jun 2006
Don't rule out a surprise full Pink Floyd re-union at Hyde Park Calling, says the festival's director - and he'd know! Toby Leighton Pope spills the beans to VF, on why The Who are the greatest live band ever and which Hollywood megastar will be visiting.

Nizlopi - O2 Wireless Interview, 17 Jun 2006
Family-loving fans of heavy construction vehicles JP and Luke, aka Nizlopi, reveal their inner punk metallers side ahead of their appearance at this week's O2 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park.

Bullets and Octane @ Download 2006, 16 Jun 2006
Middle American hard punk rockers Gene (lead singer) and James (lead guitar) from Bullets and Octane join VF for arm wrestles, drinking and debauchery before running off to play the MySpace/ Gibson stage.

Coheed & Cambria @ Download 2006, 16 Jun 2006
Heavy rock prog pioneers Coheed and Cambria stop by to have a backstage chat with VF prior to their main stage set later on today...

Muse, 16 Jun 2006
Already one of the biggest bands in the world, new album 'Black Holes And Revelations' is set to send Muse higher into hyperspace. It's not going to their heads though - they'll be rocking out with YOU ahead of their headline sets at Reading and Leeds...

Download Festival boss Andy Copping, 06 Jun 2006
Ginger from the Wildhearts once called him 'The coolest madman ever'. Less than one week before Download, he is certainly the busiest man ever. Meet Andy Copping, and get the inside scoop on Download 2006.

Super Furry Animals @ Hi:Fi South, 30 May 2006
Risking electrocution by donning their legendary lightsuits for a drizzly Hi:Fi South performance, Super Furry Animals will happily die for their art, explains singer Gryff. Just don't ask them to sing Kylie covers...

Hi:Fi interview: The Bees, 16 May 2006
Hidden away in the honeycomb of their own recording studio for the past year, The Bees finally emerge to make their festival return at the first ever Hi:Fi weekend - sometimes it can take a while to be timeless...

The Charlatans - Tim Burgess, 15 May 2006
Lending his expert ear to help decide which bands will win the 'Road To V' competition, VF cornered Tim Burgess to find out who's on his stereo and what we can expect from him next...

iForward Russia! on the Camden Crawl, 02 May 2006
We stumble upon the Leeds-based agit pop wonders enjoying a pre-gig game of pool backstage on the Camden Crawl. Naturally, we interrupt them to talk festivals festivals festivals...

Louie - on the Camden Crawl, 25 Apr 2006
Not content with hurtling round Camden all evening, VF spends the afternoon catching up with some of the bands while they're still sober. Louie don't stay that way for long and have missing teeth by midnight...

Julien Temple - 'Glastonbury' film maker, 05 Apr 2006
Four years in the making, more stressful than filming the Sex Pistols, and one near nervous breakdown later, director Julien Temple emerges from the shadows of his most ambitious project to date, the film 'Glastonbury'...

Rob Da Bank (da Bestival boss), 31 Mar 2006
Celebrating Bestival's third year, with the Pet Shop Boys headlining, curator Rob Da Bank is confident September's season closer will be a blinder, despite the booking policies of some of the major festivals...

The Go! Team, 02 Mar 2006
Already confirmed for T In The Park, V, and Oxegen and announcing exclusively to VF that they're playing Reading and Leeds, it's gonna be another busy one for a band who last year said they wanted a long break..

Humanzi, 22 Feb 2006
Hailing from deepest Dublin, Humanzi are the sound of a thousand lost souls screaming for one last tune at 7am at your own house party. With no time to call the police, we decide to join in...

Hundred Reasons, 17 Feb 2006
Signed, dropped, and signed again, the resilient Hundred Reasons are back with a new single. No surprise then that guitarist and producer, Larry Hibbit, lists Henry 'never say die' Rollins as one of his inspirations...

Boy Kill Boy, 24 Jan 2006
Boy Kill Boy could have been the golden find of Reading and Leeds 2005 had it not been for those pesky Arctic Monkeys, but returning with a new single appropriately titled 'Back Again', this is sure to be their year...

'Band booking don' Martin Elbourne, 18 Jan 2006
Meet the man responsible for filling festivals with your favourite bands and stop sulking about there being no Glasto this year. If you thought it was going be a quiet year, then think again...

Killswitch Engage - Howard Jones, 20 Dec 2005
For a band that claim to be standard bearers for 'generation heavy', singer Howard Jones seems pretty mellow musing through the year just gone. But as he explains, 'it's hard to have an ego when you're broke'...

T In The Park - Geoff Ellis, 06 Dec 2005
Perhaps the greatest festival success story of the last decade, T In The Park was voted 'Best Major Festival' in the UK Festival Awards 2005 - an accolade that went all the way to Scottish Parliament! Meet the boss...

Panic Cell, 02 Dec 2005
Metal titans Panic Cell have had such a great year they want to do it again. From the dream gig at Download, to Germany's Wacken Festival, to Texan strip bars, singer Luke Bell wants more..

Blackbud - Barfly Interview, 17 Nov 2005
Blackbud first hit the public conciousness last year when they won the chance to play alongside the likes of The Subways at Glastonbury 2004. We speak to them again on their latest tour.

Nine Black Alps, 01 Nov 2005
Nine Black Alps played as many festivals as any band this summer. And it shows. Singer and guitarist Sam Forrest reveals his highs and lows, in between talking dead popes and decapitated pigs.

Michael Eavis: celebrity magnet at 70!, 17 Oct 2005
Not many farmers get to rub shoulders with The Manics, Chemical Brothers and Elbow at their 70th birthday bash. Even fewer still would vow to run the world's best festival until they're 80. This one does...

'Dream Summer' winner: Kirsty Hunt, 12 Oct 2005
After winning VF's Dream Summer competition earlier this year, accountant Kirsty Hunt spent five long festival weekends as our VIP guest - some people's idea of hell perhaps, but she seemed to enjoy it...

X-Press 2 - Bestival 2005, 16 Sep 2005
The hardest working DJs at this year's Bestival with two headline sets, X-Press 2 have been rejuvinated by a new underground scene in London, electronic house records from Germany, and T-Rex..

Leeds 2005: Razorlight, 13 Sep 2005
Drummer Andy Burrows follows his main stage set by saying that's it for the first album, and reveals what we can expect to hear on what should be another fantastic record from the Razorlight boys..

Foo Fighters @ Reading 2005, 08 Sep 2005
We managed to steal a cheeky interview with frontman Dave Grohl before he hit the main stage to headline his 'favourite festival ever!' - the fifth time the band have performed at the Carling Weekend.

Leeds 2005: Hot Hot Heat, 06 Sep 2005
Having just played a storming set at Reading and set to do the same for Leeds, frontman Steve Bays takes some time out to talk to VF about touring with Futureheads, chatting up girls and his festival survival tips!

Leeds 2005: 65DAYSOFSTATIC, 02 Sep 2005
Top of the bill on the Lee Unsigned Bands Stage this year at Leeds Festival were the immense 65DAYSOFSTATIC who caught up with VF on the aftermath of their explosive Saturday night headlining slot.

Fightstar - backstage @ Leeds 2005, 28 Aug 2005
We caught up with Charlie and the boys backstage on the latest leg of their unrelenting slog to replace the singer's disgraceful boy band roots with angular punk rock credibility, before their gig at the Leeds Festival.

Elbow - backstage @ Leeds 2005, 27 Aug 2005
We caught up with Elbow frontman Guy Garvey - visibly worse for wear after a hard night's partying at Reading - who educated us on the relative merits of northern audiences and told us what it feels like to have your material ripped off by Chris Martin

The Coral - backstage @ Leeds 2005, 27 Aug 2005
We bumped into James Skelly and his scouser buddies for a backstage chinwag before their stint on the main stage and compared hangovers...

Towers of London @ Leeds 2005, 26 Aug 2005
We caught up with Towers of London singer Donny Tourette backstage, fresh from his second performance of the day - helping out the singerless Rakes - to rip up the bacon and vent some beef!

Sam Hardaker @ The Strongbow Rooms, 23 Aug 2005
Half of Zero 7, in DJing guise the smooth hip-hop and blissful beats of Sam Hardaker are just as perfect a wake-up call for a Sunday morning at V Festival Chelmsford. Just don't go calling it 'chill-out'...

Adam Green, 17 Aug 2005
Festival-goers would rather be swimming in lakes, according to indie-folk singer Adam Green. If the weather at Reading's a repeat of last year, you may be able to do both - and witness the wierdness of Green.

Trashcan Sinatras - Summer Sundae, 12 Aug 2005
Speaking after a delightful but largely unreported set at Leicester’s Summer Sundae Weekender, Trashcan Sinatras’ lead singer Francis Reader talks about ambition, disappointment and the band’s 15-year struggle for recognition.

Soul Of Man - The Strongbow Rooms, 04 Aug 2005
Breaks duo Soul Of Man won't be hard to identify when they headline The Strongbow Rooms at the Big Chill on Saturday night. Listen out for silly tunes and look out for even sillier hats.

Groove Armada - Tom Findlay, 03 Aug 2005
Having established Lovebox as the biggest independent dance festival in London, Groove Armada's Tom Findlay is now focusing on his latest project, a new download website pushing new music.

Youssur N’Dour at WOMAD, 01 Aug 2005
Youssur N'Dour believes the fate of Africa rests in the hands of its people themselves (not Geldof and co.) But whether it's playing football or playing WOMAD, you need everyone involved for things to work...

Joey Negro @ The Strongbow Rooms, 28 Jul 2005
Having DJed in vampire country, in an underwater city, and at the Queen Mum's funeral, you could say Joey Negro is a connoisseur of venues and occasions - give him The Strongbow Rooms over Ibiza anytime, says he!

Motorhead, 20 Jul 2005
We were granted the ultimate privilege of the only interview with the legendary Motorhead at this year's Download Festival, with plenty of talk of breast implants, decaff coffee, toasters and Motley Crue. Rock on!

Creamfields boss: James Barton, 14 Jul 2005
A regular behind the decks at Cream ten years ago, these days James Barton jets around the globe organising the world's best dance festivals under the Creamfields banner - but home is still where the heart is.

The Strongbow Rooms: Kris Bones, 11 Jul 2005
Kris Bones has got a busy summer ... Almost as permanent a fixture in The Strongbow Rooms as its mixer, the DJ is playing at every festival it travels to. As we are too, we thought we'd grab a chat at B-Live.

NASS Festival: Jason Perry from 'A', 06 Jul 2005
Looking forward to the band's headline set at this weekend's National Adventure Sports Show in Wiltshire, 'A' singer Jason Perry talks extreme sports and even more extreme festivals.

Glastonbury: Our Dream Summer Winner!, 04 Jul 2005
In May, we phoned Kirsty Hunt to tell her she'd won our Dream Summer competition - a tour of 5 of the UK's biggest festivals, as a VIP guest of Virtual Festivals. Let's see how she was getting on, at Glasto!

Radioslave, 03 Jul 2005
We caught up with DJ and producer supremo Matt Edwards (aka Radioslave, aka various other guises!) before his Strongbow Rooms gig. Bit confusing saying goodbye to the same person three times...

Justin Robertson, 02 Jul 2005
The self-proclaimed puryevor of 'wonky electronics' has been DJing for years now, but reckons there are currently few better places to be playing than at festivals in The Strongbow Rooms.

Grand National, 29 Jun 2005
Ahead of their Strongbow Rooms appearance at this weekend's first ever B-Live, Rupert Lyddon, half of Grand National, gives us a call (and gets so excited he gets told to shut up by his neighbour!)

Glastonbury 2005: Turncoat interview, 24 Jun 2005
Brighton five-piece Turncoat won Glasto's unsigned bands competition to play the Leftfield stage on the Saturday. With a unique blend of atmospheric indie, they're definitely one to watch.

Slipknot: A Backstage Chat, 19 Jun 2005
We caught our mate Chris from Slipknot lurking backstage at Download Festival, and seized the moment to question him about Donington, drumming and meat hooks. Lovely chap, big nose.

Therapy? - Backstage Interview, 12 Jun 2005
Within moments of Therapy? leaving the stage from their headlining slot on the Napster Stage at this year's Download Festival, VF was right in there, wanting to find out how their first UK gig in years went!

Download 2005: Garbage, 11 Jun 2005
Steve and Duke from Garbage, Friday night's penultimate Download act, brush off the nerves of playing their first ever Donington festival and give us their fantasy festival lineup.

Download 2005: Apocalyptica, 10 Jun 2005
Perttu Kivilaakso, one of the four cellists who make up the mighty Apocalyptica, takes time out over the Download weekend to talk about playing metal with wooden instruments and THAT Metallica gig.

Download Festival Boss: Andy Copping, 04 Jun 2005
If you're not excited about Download 2005, you're not alive! One man who cannot contain his infectious enthusiasm in the run-up to the UK's biggest and loudest rawk fest is the festival's mastermind himself...

Homelands: David Guetta, 20 May 2005
The Godfather of French House, cum born-again rocker, tells us why dance is in the best state it's ever been and why us Brits beat our continental cousins when it comes to raving!

Homelands: Melvin Benn/Darren Hughes, 03 May 2005
Homelands organisers claim this year’s line-up is the best so far, pledging to keep the festival relevant via its commitment to new music. We meet Melvin Benn and Darren Hughes at the festival's launch.

The Levellers, 07 Apr 2005
The Levellers would be a mess if they earnt a decent wage according to bassist Jeremy Cunningham. Instead it's about keeping it real, gigging town halls, and running their festival, Beautiful Days.

Bloc Party, 17 Mar 2005
Post-punk apostles de jour, Bloc Party, reveal they're not the hardest when it comes to festivals, but say they'll definitely be roughing it to play at this year's Glastonbury!

T In The Park: Geoff Ellis, 17 Feb 2005
In between phone calls booking bands for the 2005 event, festival director Geoff Ellis explains the Scottish love affair that is T In The Park, arguing that it really is the nation's Glastonbury.

Big Chill - Katrina Larkin & Pete Lawrence, 03 Feb 2005
Floods, fatigue, angry farmers - The Big Chill hasn't always been as relaxed as the name suggests. But founders Katrina and Pete have somehow got by - with a little help from their friends ...

Cambridge Folk Festival - Eddie Barcan, 13 Jan 2005
An admin assistant when he started working on the Cambridge Folk Festival in 1990, Eddie Barcan now picks the bands! He's seen it all, knows his folk, and says the festival scene's never been better.

Rob Da Bank - Bestival, 24 Dec 2004
It's been a mad year for Rob Da Bank; running his own label and club night, organising his first ever festival, and taking over the late John Peel's radio show. And he reckons he needs a holiday?!

Richard Haswell - Summer Sundae, 06 Dec 2004
In the second of our fortnightly interviews with the UK's leading festival organisers, we talk to Summer Sundae's Richard Haswell about the event's continued success and his plans for the future.

Melvin Benn: Reading/Leeds Festival, 26 Nov 2004
Mean Fiddler's director of festivals talks flooding, helicopters, American idiots, and Bruce Springsteen, as well as giving 'clues' as to the identity of next year's headliners.

Iceland Airwaves: Thorsteinn Stephensen, 08 Nov 2004
Also known as Mr Destiny, Thorsteinn is the viking-like driving force behind Iceland Airwaves, attacking far off shores with a musical mission to push Icelandic bands to the rest of the world.

Iceland Airwaves 2004: Hot Chip, 23 Oct 2004
One of the many highlights of Iceland Airwaves, London experimentalist funksters Hot Chip raise the roof of a local record store before singer Alexis Taylor chats to VF ahead of their main performance.

Pete Doherty: Love Music Hate Racism, 21 Oct 2004
More of a strange garbled telephone conversation, marred by mumbling, noise and signal failure, than an interview; Pete Doherty talks tough on racism until we make him 'sad' and he hangs up!

Breakthrough 2004: Art Brut, 05 Oct 2004
Art rockers, new wavers, New Cross scenesters, future saviours of Top Of The Pops - whatever you want to call them, Art Brut are the most exciting and entertaining band in the capital right now.

Make Trade Fair interview: Emily Eavis, 21 Sep 2004
The princess royal of Glastonbury and tireless Oxfam campaigner, Emily Eavis discusses the success of last week's charity event in London and hints at plans for next year's Glasto.

Bestival interview: Magnet, 12 Sep 2004
Norway's Even Johansen (aka Magnet) has warmed up many a festival soul with stunning sets at Big Chill, V, Summer Sundae and now Bestival. But what IS that wierd instrument he plays?

The Secret Garden: Freddie Fellowes, 09 Sep 2004
Ever wanted to start your own festival? Think you could do it better? Freddie Fellowes did, so he did. Here he gives VF an insight into those special ingredients required for a successful small festival.

Carling Weekend interview: GLC, 31 Aug 2004
Intercepting Goldie Lookin' Chain as they're dragged off for lunch following their energetic opening slot at Leeds on Saturday, the ever eloquent Mystikal defies hunger and stops for a chat.

Creamfields interview: Tim Deluxe, 24 Aug 2004
As the excitement grows for this weekend's marathon dance event, VF catches up with that fully-fledged club kid Tim Deluxe to find out just what he's got up his sleeve.

The V Festival interview: Keane, 16 Aug 2004
Keane have emerged as one of many success stories from the summer season, drawing huge crowds of fans, from screaming teenage girls to their dewy-eyed dads. VF tries to find out why.

Happy Mondays interview: Shaun Ryder, 10 Aug 2004
Taking a break from rehearsals for the Mondays' hugely anticipated reunion gig at the Easyjet Get Loaded In The Park festival later this month, we ask Shaun Ryder why, how, and what now?

Creamfield Q&A;'s: Anne Savage, 04 Aug 2004
In the weeks leading up to Creamfields, we catch up with some of the DJs playing to rattle off some rapid-fire questions and answers. They're very busy folk after all, y'know. First up - Anne Savage.

Wakestock interview: Goldie Lookin' Chain, 26 Jul 2004
We interupt the Welsh chav-rappers skinning up back stage to throw an American football about and chat to them about monkeys, gold medallions, and their plans to invent an interactive porn machine!

The Glade Interview: Ans, 13 Jul 2004
Fresh from providing THE stage to shake some booty to at Glastonbury, The Glade this weekend launches its own festival. VF caught up with one of the organisers and DJs - Ans, from Nano Records.

Glasto Interviews: Kings Of Leon, 06 Jul 2004
Clean shaven and slightly nervous ahead of their Pyramid Stage performance, Caleb and Jared Followill sit down with VF to chat about their new album and why they love playing in the UK

Glasto Interviews: Jamie Cullum, 05 Jul 2004
The cheeky jazz monkey is no stranger to Worthy Farm, so it wasn’t entirely surprising to bump into the erstwhile crooner in a backstage bar, just hours before his headline slot on the Jazz World stage.

Glasto Interviews: Ambush, 04 Jul 2004
Whilst roaming the mud soaked fields, we bumped into a group of lads playing their first ever gig at the world’s greatest festival. Yet, they’re unsigned with no management. How did that happen then?

Blackbud Interview, 01 Jul 2004
Recently signed, Blackbud may be tomorrow's hot property. Along with The Subways they made a huge impression on a Glastonbury crowd who were introduced to them via the festival's new band competition.

Glasto Interviews: Kasabian, 25 Jun 2004
After finishing their self-proclaimed 'best gig ever' on Friday morning, Tom and Serge from Kasabian tell us about hating rubbish music, loving mushrooms, being the next Englebert Humperdinck, and why they need a lie down!

Michael Eavis on this year's 'ultimate Glastonbury', 21 Jun 2004
After days trying to track down the world's most famous festival founder around his Worthy Farm estate, VF finally caught up with Michael Eavis - and found out he reckons he's harder than Rolf Harris

GLASTO WARM UP: Ex-Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, 19 Jun 2004
Virtual Festivals catches up with former Pistol Glen Matlock before his set to talk about old punk, new punk, and why he prefers playing in front of 20,000 rather than 20

The Download Interviews: Slipknot's sound man!, 14 Jun 2004
VF caught up with Slipknot's soundman who despite hanging out with scary mask-wearing rockers turned out to be a warm, loveable man-mountain called Dave, with a cheery midlands accent!

The Download Interviews: The Hives, 07 Jun 2004
VF caught up with the loveable Swedish rockers The Hives, backstage at the Download Festival. They were either commendably brave or blissfully ignorant in the face of public adversity to their being on the line-up at a metal festival!

The Download Interviews: Amplifier, 06 Jun 2004
VF caught up with Sel Balmir, singer and guitarist from Amplifier, backstage at the Barfly Tent, Download 2004

The Download Interviews: Biffy Clyro, 05 Jun 2004
VF caught up with UK rockers Biffy Clyro backstage at Download 2004

The Homelands Interviews: Bez, 04 Jun 2004
The Mancunian icon talks about his new found passion for world music (really) and some new solo material with guest vocals from his next door neighbour, Shaun.

The Download Interviews: Ill Nino, 03 Jun 2004
Ill Nino drummer extraordinaire Dave Chavarri – all dreadlocked and pierced – spoke to VF about his band that's all geared up to take Donington by storm at the 2004 Download festival

The Homelands Interviews: Loose Cannons, 29 May 2004
After stealing the show with an impossible funky live stage show, we found Lord Fader and Kaiser Saucy of the Loose Cannons enjoying Homeland’s hospitality and thought it rude not to join them.

The Homelands Interviews: Dave Pearce!, 26 May 2004
Virtual Festivals catches up with the dance anthems don to discuss his forthcoming appearance with Radio 1 at Homelands 2004.

The Download Interviews : Machine Head, 24 May 2004
Dave from Machine Head talks exclusively to VF and answers questions from fans on the message boards.

The Download Interviews: Slipknot, 24 May 2004
Chris (the one with the long nose!) from Slipknot talks to VF in advance of their Download appearance.

Meet the Promotor: Download Festival's Andy Copping chats to VF!, 10 May 2004
We caught up with the legendary Clear Channel promotor and interrogated him about his role in this year's imminent Download Festival, and his life in general as a big-time festival and tour promotor!

Ordinary Boys: Interview - Islington Academy, 03 Apr 2004
Meet two of the Ordinary Boys - Preston and William - as they round off their Brit Pack tour and get set to do a few festival dates in 2004.

Meet the Promotors: Sam Reid Interview, 10 Mar 2004
VF catches up with one of the main men behind the Dedbeat Weekender...

Elbow: Backstage @ Leeds 2003, 24 Aug 2003
We spotted Elbow front man backstage, Guy Garvey, looking a little bit lonely and dejected. In an attempt to cheer him up, we stumbled over to ask him about brand new album 'Cast of Thousands' and last night's gig at Reading...

Ladytron: Backstage @ Leeds 2003, 23 Aug 2003
The ladies of Ladytron attracted a lot of attention from punters and artists alike at Leeds. We therefore had to utilise all of the wit and charm at our disposal (yeah, we struggled) to corner Helen Marnie for a few brief words...

Radio 4: Backstage @ Leeds 2003, 23 Aug 2003
Anthony Roman, lead singer from New York rockers Radio 4, was preparing for the band's imminent appearance on the Radio 1 stage but he couldn't resist taking a few moments out to chew the cud with his favourite festival website...

Adom - Interview @ Canterbury Fayre, 22 Aug 2003
Adom could be set for big things, and we got the chance to speak to lead singer Conal...or at least he took the time to talk to us...(MP3 taster tracks linked from article)

Buck 65: Backstage @ Leeds 2003, 22 Aug 2003
Rich Tefry is better known as eccentric leftfield rapper Buck 65. Not the usual artist associated with such a genre, but at Reading/Leeds he delighted the dance tent with his unique style and character although not everything went according to plan!

Just Jack: Backstage @ Leeds 2003, 22 Aug 2003
The 27 year old Camden geezer who is Just Jack went down a storm at last week's V festival. Ignore comparisons to The Streets. Instead, imagine a white Roots Manuva with shades of early Massive Attack

Pink Grease - Interview, 10 Aug 2003
Pink Grease - loud, mad, irrepressable and really, really fun to watch. Backstage at Summer Sundae they spent a few minutes telling us what's what.

VF Exclusive - TRAVIS IN SPAIN, 10 Aug 2003
Travis made a triumphant return to Benicassim last night, unveiling a clutch of politically tinged new songs, and proving that the classics are as timeless as ever. We have an interview and exclusive pix.

Benicassim (FIB) - The best fest in the world?, 11 Jul 2003
Andy Future chats to one of the guys behind Festival Internacional de Benicassim which VF voted last year as being the BEST festival....EVER! It's back this year with Beck, Blur, Travis and many more!

Danny Howells Interview, 29 May 2003
We caught up with the Superstar DJ backstage at Homelands 2003

Junior Senior Interview, 29 May 2003
The imposingly rotund figure that makes up half of the crazy d-d-duo, Junior Senior attempted to avoid our Bacardi-induced stumble towards him but we fired off a few questions before he could escape!

Nic Fanciulli Interview, 29 May 2003
We caught up with the Superstar DJ backstage at Homelands 2003

Homelands 2003: Pete Tong Interview, 24 May 2003
We caught up with the globe-trotting Superstar DJ backstage at Homelands. The amiable fellow enlightened us about what makes the festival so special and his forthcoming residency at Pacha...

Louis Osbourne Interview, 24 May 2003
Louis Osborne, the slightly less famous offspring from Ozzy’s first marriage was headlining the extremely cool club-in-a-field concept that is the Strongbow Rooms.

Audio Bullys Interview, 24 May 2003
We bumped into Tom Dinsdale from one of the weekend’s live highlights, Audio Bullys, backstage at Homelands 2003 and had a quick chat…

Dave Beer Interview, 24 May 2003
We spotted Dave Beer lurking suspiciously in the guest area and the hedonistic clubland genius responsible for Leeds club night, Back 2 Basics was more than happy to chat to us...

Homelands 2003 - Un-Cut Interview, 23 May 2003
We listened to Jenna G - lead singer with drum 'n' bass trio - Un-Cut, who kick things off in style at this year's Homelands

Industry Interview - Steve Perry - Moving, 03 May 2003
VF chats to Steve Perry, the man behind Virgin Trains' MOVE. Manchester's 2003 urban festival features REM, Manics, The Charlatans, Athlete and even Kinesis. He tells us what to expect for this year and hwo you can travel for just a fiver.

Melvin Benn on 'We Love... Homelands', 06 Mar 2003
The managing director of Mean Fiddler, kings of the UK festival scene, reveals the secrets that make Homelands such a special, and in many ways, untouchable music festival.

The Datsuns Interview, 29 Jan 2003
We caught up with Kiwi garage rock heroes The Datsuns backstage at the Big Day Out 2003 festival in Auckland, New Zealand, for their big homecoming gig, and found out how their lives have changed in the last year since they left...

Hell is For Heroes Interview, 17 Jan 2003
James 'Fin' Finlay dropped his bass guitar for a few minutes to chat about Iraq, flakes and the horrors of courtesy calling during a week in the office from - appropriately - hell.

Erlend Oye Interview, 03 Jan 2003
“It’s difficult to be a DJ when you’re really not one.” That was the dilemma faced by Mr. Oye. It must be difficult finding the time, especially when you are the frontman in Royksopp and also one half of Kings of Convenience!

Chris Coco Interview, 10 Dec 2002
Chris Coco, half of the inspiration behind Radio 1’s Blue Room will be amongst the pioneering DJ’s and artists due to play Auto Festival this weekend. He took time out from promoting extraordinary new album, Next Wave, for an enlightening chat...

Stanton Warriors Interview, 22 Nov 2002
After watching them transform an empty, apathetic room into a heaving, sweaty mass of flailing bodies, we pinned down Dominic and Mark AKA Stanton Warriors, backstage in the Bugged Out! Arena at Gatecrasher NXT...

X-Press 2 Interview, 19 Nov 2002
We caught up with with Ashley, Rocky and Diesel backstage in the Bugged Out! Arena before their set at the recent Gatecrasher NEC event...

Scott Bond Interview, 04 Nov 2002
We caught up with Gatecrasher promotor and DJ Scott Bond and asked what we could expect from the premier club brand in the next few months, starting with Gatecrasher @ NEC, this November...

Gus Gus Interview, 15 Oct 2002
Freshly signed to Darren Emerson's label, Underwater Records, the Icelandic quartet have a new album out called ‘Attention’, a funky, sexy, acid odyssey for the open-minded, and are preparing to blitz the Iceland Airwaves Festival.

SUEDE: Beautiful Insatiable Flash Metal Trash, 27 Sep 2002
Lead guitarist Richard Oakes speaks to Andrew Future about Suede's fifth album, 'A New Morning', Spanish girls, gays, Bernard Butler and why he probably wouldn't join Suede now.

Zoe Lewis Interview, 17 Sep 2002
Zoe is about to see her new production, Glastonbury : The Play, tour several UK cities. We spoke to her briefly about the ideas behind the play and how it will be staged

Leaves, backstage at V2002, 20 Aug 2002
We caught up with Leaves frontman Arnar G, outside the band's dressing room, basking in the Staffordshire sun (you don't get much in Reykjavik) for a chat about life, festivals and Ian Brown's dancing shoes.

The Crescent, backstage @ V2002, 20 Aug 2002
We caught up with young Liverpool hopefulls 'The Crescent', over saussage and chips in the backstage canteen, at V2002. Bassist Sean Longworth happily chatted about his newfound rock n' roll lifestyle, and the Swedish kind of groupies!

Ian Brown - Not Made of Stone!, 18 Aug 2002
Former Stone Rose IAN BROWN showed the caring side to his rock star cool, backstage at V2002 on Sunday afternoon with an auctioned hand printing for the charity Sight Savers (

Green Day Kidz Interview, 16 Jul 2002
Ever wondered what it feels like to be plucked out of a festival crowd by your favourite band and invited to jam along with them infront of 20,000 people? Well that's exactly what happened to three lucky sods at the Manchester Move Festival!

Steve Perry - a man on the Move, 14 Jul 2002
We caught up with one of the driving forces behind the revolutionary Virgin Trains Move festival, which rocked Manchester from July 10th-14th, to find out what makes a successful new event, commercially and musically...

Haven, 03 Jul 2002
We caught up with Gary Briggs, frontman in Haven, freshly scrubbed up from Glastonbury and preparing to camp it up at this weekend's Mardi Gras festival in London.

Cooper Temple Clause Interview @ New Order 2002, 09 Jun 2002
We bumped into singer Ben Gautrey from our favourite young haircut rockers, The Cooper Temple Clause, at their recent New Order outdoor show.

Michael Eavis Interview, 15 May 2002
An intimate chat about the festival - from the organisational challenges involved in running such a huge affair to the ethical and practical reasons why people can not jump the fence any more.

Artful Dodger Interview, 25 May 2001
Backstage at Homelands 2001

Bjorn Again Interview Backstage at V2000, 21 Aug 2000
A backstage chat with 'Freida' and 'Agnetha', from Australian cover superstars Bjorn Again...



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