How to be A Greener Festival-Goer

Practical tips for how you can make a difference

Photographer: Al De Perez13 May 2009

Consequently, it is the fans - you - who can make the biggest difference in reducing this environmental impact of festivals. So what can you do? Here are some practical tips on being green at festivals and concerts...

  • If you can, travel by public transport
  • If you use a car, lift-share - four to a car is really quite environmentally friendly
  • Make sure the event you go to has an environmental policy or green ideas
  • Reduce what you take to just what you actually need
  • Take your tent home
  • Buy durable products, returnable bottles and containers that can be re-filled
  • Look out for recycled goods and those packaged in recycled materials
  • Cut down on packaging by buying your fruit and vegetables loose
  • Buy local, fair-trade and organic food, drinks and products - at stalls if possible
  • Use re-sealable containers to keep your food fresh
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Avoid the queues – charge your mobile with your own echarger  - see
  • Smokers can take portable ashtrays – the ashcan - see
  • Do you need to take bottled water? Re-use a bottle at the taps
  • Or use bottled waste like Belu - see
  • Reuse whatever you can
  • Recycle what you cannot reuse
  • Remember - reduce - reuse - recycle
  • Leave no trace – just footsteps and memories

It not really that difficult and most festivals now have recycling bins as a minimum. If they don’t – don’t go! We all love live music so we know you want to have fun, but if you just spare five minutes a day for the planet we are going to have a much greener future!

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