Keeping Clean At Festivals

How best to mind the ming

Photographer:Lisa Rocket

01 January 2008

Bare essentials:

- Baby wipes
- Toilet roll
- Toothpaste
- Toothbrush

Optional extras:

- Deodorant
- Hand cleansing gel
- Eco friendly shampoo and conditioner or dry shampoo
- Sponge and bucket - for those who want to be clean to the extreme, but don’t fancy the shower queues. Fill the bucket at the taps and sponge yourself down.
- Immodium – For those who don’t want to be stuck in the toilet all weekend, just be careful not to take too much!

Toilet tips:

- Avoid the portaloos if you can. The longdrops let more air in for those who can’t stand the stench.
- Toilets usually get cleaned first thing in the morning so grab a hot seat sharpish.
- It gets wet and muddy around the toilets so wear wellies. Flip flops around urinals are a big no-no.
- Use babywipes to clean the rim before you sit down - or alternatively hover.
- Wash your hands thoroughly, like you always do of course.

Camping and tents:

- Don’t camp near the bottom of the hill even if it is nearer the action. If it rains your tent will become a mud bath and all your stuff will get drenched and dirty.
- Take off your wet or muddy clothes outside the tent to avoid sleeping with the stink.
- If you’re making food make sure your hands are clean to avoid a dodgy stomach.

Keeping yourself clean:

- Give yourself a wet wipe bath every day, especially if you’re hoping to get lucky.
- If you want to wash your hair don’t be the person that holds up the queues for the sinks. Take a bottle to fill up and do it back at your tent.
- The early bird catches the worm so grab a shower in the morning to avoid queues.
- Some showers are communal so if you’re modest take some swimwear.
- Without sounding like a mum: change your socks and pants daily to feel fresher.


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