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'Dream Summer' winner: Kirsty Hunt

12 October 2005

After winning VF's Dream Summer competition earlier this year, accountant Kirsty Hunt spent five long festival weekends as our VIP guest - some people's idea of hell perhaps, but she seemed to enjoy it...

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Launched this time last year, the deal for the best festival competition ever devised was this: Answer a mindlessly easy question, text it in, and cross your fingers. It's exactly what Kirsty Hunt from London did and next thing she knew she was having to decide which of her friends to take with her to five festivals as a VIP guest of Virtual Festivals. We put up her tents, lugged her gear around, introduced her to celebs, made her tea, we even let her swap Download for Bestival because she already had tickets for the Isle Of Wight fest on the same weekend. But did she really have fun, would she do it all again, and most importantly is she still talking to us?

Virtual Festivals: Are you one of those people who never wins anything?
Kirsty Hunt: Yeah basically. Apart from a fluffy toy and bottle of Panda cola at the school tombola, no, I've never really won anything. And I definitely didn't think I would win this.

VF: What was your reaction when you won? 
KH: I screamed very loudly - the MD in the office was a little taken aback to say the least!

VF: Which festival were you looking forward to the most? 
KH: Glastonbury. It was the only one I had been to before and everyone knows it’s the best. Glastonbury has more to offer than just the music and it caters for all kinds of spirits.   

VF: Which one the least?  
KH: Probably Reading due to its reputation for being a bit skanky, but surprisingly it actually had some of the nicest toilets, proper portacabins with cubicles rather than the usual "need a nose-peg" portaloos.

VF:Was it difficult deciding who to take with you?
KH: It was very tricky yeah, but I don't think I lost any mates.

VF: What were your favourite moments from the summer? 
KH: There were so many great moments that it's difficult to pick one highlight, however, here are a few. The fancy dress parade through Bestival was pretty special - everyone had dressed up, from cowboys through to green aliens, and then partied through the site singing and beating drums. We were dressed as cowgirls and had water pistols in holsters, so we created mayhem in the weird big top tent by shooting all the ‘baddies’! Discovering a secret late night dance party on the other side of the woods at V Festival was cool.  There was a DJ banging out wicked tunes from a converted double decker bus in a field. Also, seeing a band actually get booed off stage at Reading. The crowd nearly had the rotten fruit out. And of course having a chin-wag with Vernon Kay backstage at V festival!

VF: What was the worst thing? 
KH: The mud at Glastonbury was a bit of a pain up the derriere.  Plus the hike back up the hill at the end of Bestival - murderous.  And of course having to go back to work after each one!

VF: Which bands/DJs did you think were the best and why?  
KH: Oh loads of them!  Where do you start? Razorlight, Basement Jaxx, Tom Findlay, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band, LCD Soundsytem, Goldfrapp, X-Press2, Kasabian, and 2 Many DJs were among my favourites.

VF: Which was the best festival?  
KH: Bestival. It's in the name isn't it? It had all the best elements of Glastonbury, but a fraction of the size.  It was chilled, friendly, great music, silly costumes, no corporate nonsense, strange people, random tents, bongos and no closing down of the arena at midnight - you could party all night long.....

VF: How tiring was it going to five in one summer? 
KH: I'm still waiting for that week long detox at a health spa. That was part of the prize wasn’t it?!

VF: What was it like being our guest? 
KH: It was a real bonus at Glastonbury. I arrived to a pitched tent and inflated air mattress in the hospitality area, so we survived the rain no problem .... but never got that bacon sarnie I was promised!!

VF: Has it actually been your ‘dream summer’!? 
KH: Are you kidding?! It couldn't have been better.

There's no way it could be bettered?
KH: Well maybe if you gave me ten festivals next year? No, my kidneys couldn't cope! How about five Bestivals?

VF: Would you recommend  people enter Dream Summer 2006?
KH: Of course! You've got to be in it to win it!

Click here to enter VF's Dream Summer competition for 2006 where you stand the chance of planning your festival season the way you want it by choosing five massive events out of a possible 15!

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Article by: Ross Purdie

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