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The Coral - backstage @ Leeds 2005

27 August 2005

We bumped into James Skelly and his scouser buddies for a backstage chinwag before their stint on the main stage and compared hangovers...

Virtual Festivals: So, Noel Gallaghers favourite band, how does that feel?James Skelly: It's orgasmic, brilliant, he's doing us free promo too which is great.

Are you not worried that it's a bit of a death sentence as he'd said the same about bands like Kula Shaker and Ocean Colour Scene...
No, not at all, because we've not made it off the back of that. Noel's a great bloke and he's just really into his music.

How was Reading?
It was boss, sound. We'd prefer to play at night though, because it's a better mood. We try and hit the drums a bit harder with the open air thing but that's about it.

You're renowned as being one of the tightest studio outfits, do you rehearse a lot?
Yeah, we practice loads, and we generqally record live because it captures a mood. We don't like wasting loads of money in the studio either. We don't like losing the feel.

You're a prolific band in terms of producing new material, so how do you feel about bands at the moment like Keane and Kasabian who take ages to come out with any new material?
It can work against you because then it's not such a big event when we release an album as they're more frequent than other artists. We get bored really easily and can't sit on material for long. But we like to keep our sets to about an hour, as people wouldn't sit through more than that. We've got hours of material though.

Do you never feel like going for it and doing an epic four hour set?
Hmmmmm... it's a bit indulgent though innit? We could do something like Led Zeppelin used to and just let the drummer do 45 minute solos while we go off and have eight lines of charlie.

Have you guys got any outrageous requests in your rider?
Yeah... outrageously cheap Vodka. It's pretty boring really.

Who have you been watching at the festival?
Kasabian and Queens of the Stone Age were brilliant last night in Reading. The Dead 60's are good, and were friendly with them, but we try and stay away from all of that matey matey shit really!

All the bands keep telling us the crowds are better up north. Do you agree?
Nah, it's all people really. When we go home to Liverpool or Manchester it goes mad, London's great too. But nah, we love playing anywhere to be honest.

Are you staying around to get lashed later?
Well we got on it a bit too much last night (they all caress their bottles of water) so maybe not, see how it goes.

Finally, if the Coral were a dessert, what would you be?
Oooo. Creme broule, custard cake and bananas hmmmmm... nah fuck it actually, we're Viennetta man!

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