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Musical Moments @ Glastonbury 2005

04 July 2005

Glastonbury is about magic above and beyond music. But sometimes that magic makes its way on-stage and when it does, grown men cry! Here are just some of the magical musical moments that left lumps in throats at this year's festival.

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Ian Brown, Other Stage, Sunday - Jon Wright: "You can tell me Brown can't sing, you can tell me that Squire's stand-in can't play the parts properly, you can tell me I'm living in the past, but I won't listen. King Monkey brought tunes to the end of Glastonbury 2005 that should have been heard on the farm a long time ago. Prowling and swaggering through 'I Wanna Be Adored', 'Sally Cinnamon', 'She Bangs the Drums', 'Made of Stone' and 'Waterfall', Brown gripped the crowd and just for a fleeting moment, I was struck by the electricity that was crackling between them and him, it left me dazed and ecstatic; It could only have happened this way here."

Nizlopi packing out the Croissant Neuf tent with their infamous call and response singalongs first thing Friday afternoon.

The Kaiser Chiefs, Pyramid Stage, Saturday - 'Fuzzy Logic': "Lead singer Ricky appeared, unshaven, dishevelled and clearly not altogether sober, but proceeded to have as much fun as the audeince did listening to them perform tracks from their debut album. Best part was getting a giant green inflatable dinosaur from the crowd, putting a tie on it and singing "What Did I Ever Give You?" to it."

Garbage's Shirley Manson with that blow-up dolly.

Shooglenifty, Avalon Stage, Sunday - Willis: "The whole tent rocked and rocked. Not a huge crowd but very enthusiastic. The fiddle player who led the band danced in a weird way and bared his shoulder from his stripey shirt. Goodness knows what he looked like behind his huge hairy beard but who cares -  they were awesome."

Alabama 3, Pyrette Ship Stage, Saturday (1am) - 'Dakeane' : "Doing a spiritual and captivating acoustic set on the in the Midnight Carnival, late on Friday night. Larry Love & co. had us all in the palm of their hands and the 100 or so people gathered around loved every minute! Intense, amazing and great fun!"

Dancing for a full hour and a half to Basement Jaxx on the last night.

Sonic Audio, Leftfield Stage, Friday - 'Virtually Mad': "Proper angry, dirty indie-dance music. Band were really tight and so energetic - brilliant to watch! Beats mixed with guitars and scratching - Shaun Ryder came on at the end of the set for a cover of 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' [Sonic Audio are the Happy Monsays' backing band] - the band blew up the stage - can't wait to hear more from them!"

Terry Reid, Avalon stage, Friday'Photoman': "I'd never heard of him, and saw probably one of the finest performances by anyone, anywhere - a simply stunning voice, that I can only describe as 'touched by god' - 'Hendrix tingles' all the way down the backbone job - he should headline in 2007!"

Brian Wilson, Pyramid Stage, Sunday - 'Super Ape': "I don't honestly think he quite knew what he was seeing, but the moment was glorious: thousands of people grinning their ears off and wiping away sentimental tears, singing along to some of the greatest feel good hits of any summer." 

The Beautiful South, Acoustic Tent, Sunday - 'Fuzzy Logic': "They may have been around for 20 years, changed female singers twice and appearing in the small, hard to find accousitic tent, but they sure knew how to entertain. The set consisted of mostly songs from their best off "Carry on up the charts" which meant a mass singalong to end the Sunday night on a high note."

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Article by: Steve Jenner

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